About meeting ID type and expiration date in Zoom App

Please let me know the rules for fixing and randomizing the meeting ID of the meeting.

Zoom Rooms:

When a meeting is held in [ I meet now ] (instant meeting), the meeting is held with the same meeting ID (personal meeting ID) each time.

Anyone can join the meeting if they know this meeting ID.

 Zoom Client:

You can choose to use a PMI (Personal Meeting ID) or use a random meeting ID.

From the client’s home , pull down the arrow at the bottom right of [ New Meeting ] to select [ Personal Meeting ID ] and hold the meeting.

Please tell me the expiration date of the meeting ID

In case of Instant Meeting ID

The ID will be invalidated when the instant meeting is over.

In the case of a scheduled non-recurring meeting ID

Expires 30 days after meeting schedule or start.

You can also resume a meeting with the same meeting ID within 30 days.

Scheduled recurring meeting ID

It will expire 365 days after the last meeting started.

The conferee ID can be reused for future attendance.

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