Can I use Bluetooth headphones in Zoom App?



Yes, as long as your tablet or mobile device is compatible with your Bluetooth device.

Note: For more information on configuring Bluetooth devices, please refer to the tablet or mobile device user manual.


4 thoughts on “Can I use Bluetooth headphones in Zoom App?”

  1. I wear bilateral cochlear implants and a wireless (bluetooth) phone clip which feeds sound directly into my cochlear processors. However, when I try to communicate via Zoom, there is dead silence and my bluetooth does not activate. I can listen to movies, music, live shows, etc. but Zoom meetings do not work for me. Is there a certain setting or am I just out of luck?

  2. Probably won’t work. Trying to connect a wireless external Bluetooth compatible speaker to my iPad works great until I try to connect that same speaker when the Zoom app is open in a meeting. Basically, the problem with the speaker is that I need a speaker with an embedded microphone setup for that external speaker to work in a Zoom meeting. I suspect the same problem exists with earbuds/earphones as they are external speakers; small, but speakers non the less. The earphone/microphone setup people use on PS4’s may work, but you would have to find a Bluetooth compatible setup.


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