Zoom Rooms PBX Support in Zoom App

Zoom rooms can be enabled with the phone feature without the need to physically call the room. 

There are two options: 

  • Zoom Room Callout 
    or Outgoing Calls Only
  • Zoom room as a SIP phone client for incoming and outgoing calls using internal PBX systems such as Cisco’s CUCM, Avaya, Shoretel, RingCentral.

You can dial another phone user with a 1: 1 phone or call the conference bridge at a non-Zoom meeting.


Incoming only:

Incoming and outgoing:

How to Configure Zoom Room to Use PBX for Incoming and Outgoing Calls

  1. Log in to zoom.us as the Zoom room manager.
  2. Click ZoomRooms and then click the Edit button ( Rooms tab) for the room you want to configure.

Go to [ SIP Phone Integration ] and click the [Add] link.

Select a transport protocol (UDP, TLS, or TCP), enter information in the other required fields and options fields on the page, and then click Save Changes . 

  1. Note: If you do not know how to complete this page, please contact your IT Support Engineer.

  2. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page, telling you that the SIP phone has been successfully registered.