How to customize the content displayed in Zoom Rooms (video, content being shared on the screen, etc.)


You can customize the default screen display on one, two, or three displays. You need to extend the display to customize it for multiple monitors.


  • Zoom Rooms for Mac Version: 5.53011.0603 and above
  • Zoom Rooms for PC Version:  3.5.55999.0630 and above
  • Zoom Room iPad controller version: 3.1.52404.0530 and above
  • Administrator privileges


There are two steps to customizing the display for video or content as the default (if you have two or three displays).

  1. A user with administrator privileges signs in to the Zoom Web Portal site to access Zoom Rooms.
  2. Click Edit to the right of the Zoom Rooms you want to customize.
  3. On the ZoomRooms page, click the Edit button to the right of that ZoomRooms, click  Display Settings  > Blue Letterbox, and select the default option.


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