Kiosk settings for iPad in the Zoom room

When setting up a Zoom room on an iPad, you need to make sure that some settings are set correctly to set the kiosk mode. This launches the Zoom room and prevents the user from using other applications on the iPad.

Note : iOS 12 has a known issue that causes the iPad to go to sleep when in Access Guide mode. Update the device to iOS 12.1.11 or later and enable the mirror view auto lock setting as described in step 9 of the Setup Access Guide Setup Guided Access .

This article contains the following:

  • Disable auto lock
  • Setup access guide
  • Enter access guide mode
  • Exit access guide mode
  • Enable night shift mode

Disable auto lock

  1. Open the settings app on your device.

  • Scroll and tap [ Screen and Brightness ].

  • Automatic lock Tap the menu option.

Select [ None ].

Access guide settings

  • Open the settings app on your device.

  • I will go to [ general ].
  • Tap [ Accessibility ]


  • Learning support at the bottom of the section [ Access Guide scroll to] tap.

  • Switch the toggle access guide on (green).

  • Tap [ Passcode Setting ].

  • Tap [ Access guide passcode setting ].

  • Enter the 6-digit passcode you want to edit and exit Access Guide mode twice.
  • If the device is running OS 12.1.11 or later , switch [ Auto lock on screen ] to on (green).

Start access guide mode

  • Open the Zoom Room app.
  • Click the device’s Home button three times.
  • To enable or disable the device button during the access guide, select the Optionsbutton at the bottom left .
  • In the upper right corner [ start] and then tap.

Now that the iPad is secure, the Zoom room is the only available application.

Exit access guide mode

  1. Click the device’s Home button three times.
  2. Enter the passcode for the access guide set in the iOS settings .

Enable Night Shift mode 

Note : Night shift mode is only available on iOS 9.3 and later.

  • Open the settings app on your iPad .

  • Tap [ Screen and Brightness ].

  • Tap Night Shift .

  • Switch the schedule on (green).

  • From Tap, and then adjust the time that Night Shift is enabled.

  • During the planned Night Shift, the brightness of the iPad decreases.


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