Schedule display of Zoom Room

The Zoom Room app can use the second tablet as a simple and convenient meeting room management tool to view upcoming meetings and schedule new meetings.

Run the Zoom room controller in schedule view mode and place the tablet outside the meeting room to show room availability and make room available.

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・ The schedule display dedicated room is currently supported only on iOS.
The Android controller can only be used as a schedule display for the Full Zoom Room.

・ The schedule display of iOS supports landscape mode and portrait mode.

Set the schedule display of the Zoom room

To set the controller as a schedule view for the Zoom room:

    1. Download, install, and open the Zoom Room app on your tablet.
      The sign in screen is displayed.



The room selection screen is displayed.

  1. Tap the room name and then tap Next.A dialog will appear asking what you want to use this device for.
  1. Tap [ Display Schedule] .
    The app opens in a scheduled display mode, with the top of the display showing the room calendar and the bottom of the display showing whether the room is busy or usable.
  2. Attach the controller to the outside wall of the meeting room.
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Log in to your account on the Zoom website and go to Zoom Rooms> Rooms . Click on the name of the room to ensure that the tablet shown is associated with the correct room and the status is online.

Switching between schedule display mode and room controller mode

You can reuse the tablet by switching the mode.

How to switch from schedule display mode to room controller mode?

  1. Settings Tap the icon (near the top right of the display), and then tap the lock settings.
  2. Please enter the device passcode.
  3. Tap the room name in the settings panel, then tap Switch to Controller.
  4. OK Tap] to confirm the switch.

How to switch from room controller mode to schedule display mode?

  1. Tap the Settings icon (at the bottom left of the display), then tap Lock Settings.
  2. Please enter the device passcode.
  3. Tap [ Switch to Schedule View ].
  4. OK Tap] to confirm the switch.

Schedule a Meeting from the Schedule View in the Zoom Room

A tablet set up outside of a meeting room and set to schedule display mode shows the meetings scheduled for that meeting room.

If a meeting is held on the calendar in the meeting room, the lower part of the screen will indicate that the meeting is in progress.

If the meeting is not currently scheduled, the room will be displayed as Available.

How do I reserve a Zoom room from the schedule view ?

  1. Whether it is in use or available , tap the on-screen Reserve button.
    This will open a calendar that shows how long you can book a room.
  2. Tap the pencil icon next to the new meeting to open a keyboard where you can edit the meeting title.
  3. Press the screen between the two blue lines and then drag both lines up and down.
    Arrange the lines so that the upper blue line indicates the start time of the meeting.
  4. To control the length of the meeting, press the blue dot to the right of the bottom blue line. Arrange the blue line below to indicate the end time of the meeting.
  5. Tap the reservation.
    The meeting is added to the schedule view, the room manager, and the online calendar associated with the room.
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Remove a meeting from the schedule view

  1. Tap the topic of the meeting on the schedule screen.
    • If the meeting is scheduled using a calendar, the pop-up dialog will only show the Close option.
    • If the meeting is scheduled from the schedule view, a popup dialog will show both the Close and Delete options.
  2. Tap [Delete].
  3. The meeting is removed from the schedule screen, the calendar, and the calendar of the calendar associated with the room.

Control the schedule display from the Zoom web portal

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account as the Zoom Room Administrator and click the Zoom Room tab.
  2. Click the room name and then click the Devices tab.

t only the tablet version but also the app version of the schedule display.

Enable or disable instant room booking

By default, users can use the schedule view to instantly book a room. To enable or disable Instant Room Booking, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account as the Zoom Room Administrator and click the Zoom Room tab.
  2. Click Edit next to the room for which you want to enable or disable Instant Booking.
  3. Click the Schedule View tab.
  4. Click the Instant Room Reservation toggle to enable or disable.

Add a room for schedule display

You can add a dedicated schedule display room that does not require a Zoom room license. Schedule The dedicated room schedule setting is a solution for scheduling rooms in your own location, for use with single meetings only, without the need to have the Zoom room feature. This meeting room can not hold or participate in Zoom meetings. When integrated with the calendar, users can reserve this room from the calendar system or from the controller for the same day’s meeting.

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These rooms need only a tablet to show upcoming meetings or to book a room. These rooms do not use computers or screens.

Note: Currently, the Schedule Display Only Room is only supported on iOS. The Android controller can only be used as a schedule display for the Full Zoom Room.

  1. Sign in to Zoom and navigate to the Zoom Rooms .
  2. Click [ + Room ].
  1. Enter a room name.
  2. Select a meeting room calendar service and calendar resources.
    Note: This is optional in other rooms, but it is mandatory to use the Schedule View Room.
  3. Select [Display only for schedule creation] from the [ Room type ] menu.
  1. Click [ Finish ].


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