Change your zoom password Quickly

When you can’t log into your personal account on the Zoom website, it says that you entered the wrong password in Zoom, it’s easy to update it. To do this, we have written 2 ways how to set a new code for authorization in the system.

What to do if you forgot your Zoom password

To recover the code from the Zoom platform, you need to follow the link: or

  • On the Zoom website, click Sign In;
  • Enter your email that you used when registering;
  • Or you can skip the 2nd point and immediately click on “Forgot password”, the program will prompt you to enter an email where to send a new key. Enter the mail, usually within 1 – 2 minutes a letter arrives with a link to create a new code or already created automatically by the program.

To have Zoom remember your username and password, check the box when you log in. If a pop-up window appears asking you to save the information, click “save”. After that, you can always see your personal codes in your browser settings if you use chrome.

If your Zoom password fails, update it via email as above, or change it using the mobile app as described in the following instructions.

How to change your zoom password

To change the security code, you need to go through the mobile application:

  1. Go to the settings section;
  2. Click on your profile;
  3. Next, choose Update;
  4. Enter a new code. It is advisable to use the Latin alphabet and numbers, as well as capital letters, for reliable protection of your account;
  5. Save.
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If you forget your Zoom password, you can quickly change it and restore it using the application on your phone. And in order not to enter it every time, enable the “Use fingerprint ID” function, this function can be authorized in your personal profile. Or by Face ID, it all depends on the capabilities of your gadget.