Why is’t Zoom start on my computer

Let’s analyze the reasons why the Zoom platform does not turn on on PC and on mobile. Causes and solutions to troubleshoot.

Why won’t Zoom start on my computer

Possible reasons why the program on the PC does not open:

    1. Not enough memory on the computer;
    2. The latest software update has not been installed;
    3. You need to clear the browser cache;
    4. The entrance is blocked by the antivirus;
    5. You need to change the IP address of the PC.

On android

Some problems may be the same as on PC:

  1. Not enough memory on the phone;
  2. The latest software update has not been installed;
  3. You need to change the IP address of the gadget;

What to do

When the Zoom app on PC or mobile won’t open, restarting the device can help. Trite, yes, but in almost all cases it helps to solve the “glitch” of the program.

  1. If the reboot does not help, see how much free space is on the device. If not enough, then delete unnecessary files;
  2. Try to log in from another device if Zoom does not load. If the application does not open on a computer: download it from a browser without launching the application, the article how to enter or create a conference directly from the browser is here . Or log in from your mobile phone. If the platform does not start from a mobile phone, try logging in from a PC;
  3. Use a VPN to change your online address. Zoom does not work in some regions, one of them is Crimea;
  4. Disable your antivirus during the conference. It can block the launch of Zoom and the conference itself, then turn it on again so as not to get a virus;
  5. Update your applications to the latest version. This applies to the version on the computer and phone. Often, updates are automatically installed, but due to lack of memory on the device, Zoom does not turn on and an older version of the platform may remain.
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The decisions why the site may not start are quite commonplace. If, while using the Zoom platform, it writes an error number, look for short explanations and solutions to bugs on our website by simply entering the number into the search engine on this site.