Configure the Zoom Room Hardware

This is a list of recommended hardware to set up the Zoom room . Sample room settings sample room setups can see some of this video video please look at.

Recommended Equipment for Mid-size Zoom Room:

  • HDTV monitor (or 2 monitors for dual screen)
  • Aver CAM520 or Logitech PTZ Pro
  • Multiple Multiple MXL AC404 with Samsung M360 Soundbar Soundbar or Revolabs UC500
  • Dell Optiplex 7050 Micro Quad-Core Intel i7 or Mac mini (i7)
  • iPad or iPad mini

Cable and accessories:

  • One HDMI (and one Thunderbolt or DisplayPort-HDMI Adapter for Dual Screen)
  • RJ45 internet cable x 1
  • Heckler iPad Stand Heckler iPad Stand

Configure the Zoom Room:

  1. Connect your TV to the HDMI port and Thunderbolt / DP port on your Mac Mini or PC.
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable (RJ45 cable) to the network port.
  3. Connect the Logitech PTZ PRO or Aver CAM 520 to the USB port.
  4. Connect the MXL AC404 or Revolabs UC 500 to the USB port.
  5. Turn on your Mac Mini or PC.
  6. Pair your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with your Mac / PC.
  7. Turn on the iPad and connect to WiFi.
  8. Check network connectivity to on Mac / PC and iPad .
  9. Upgrade the firmware on the  Aver CAM520 and  Revolabs UC500 or UC1500 .
  10.  Configure Zoom Room software on Mac / PC and iPad.

Completed Zoom Room

Once setup is complete, the mouse and keyboard can be hidden from view because they are very limited.


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