Getting started with Zoom Rooms for Touch

Using a Windows PC that features a touchscreen, you can install the Zoom Rooms software and use a touch screen controller to start or join a meeting, or if you prefer, you can use a separate iPad or Android controller to start or join a meeting. There is also a whiteboard included in Zoom Rooms for Touch as well. A whiteboard session can be started, and then invited to a meeting where others will be able to view and annotate the whiteboard as you go.

Prerequisites for getting started with Zoom Rooms for Touch

  • 5.3.0 or later for Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms for Windows
  • If you are using Windows 10 or higher, please click here
  • The computer has been installed with touch drivers
  • Monitors with touchscreens or multiple monitors with touchscreens


  • Devices compatible with Zoom for Home


It’s easy to access the functionality of Zoom Rooms for Touch through the Home screen, which includes controls for starting and joining meetings, accessing the integrated whiteboard, and accessing instructions for others to share their screens in the meeting with you. It is also possible to find a list of meetings scheduled for the room in the Home screen if the room is associated with a calendar resource. Whenever a Zoom meeting is listed in the meeting list, you will find a START button that can be used to start the meeting, if there is one scheduled. A meeting controller is also available once a meeting is started, so you have access to that tool after the meeting has been started.

There are several articles that describe how to use Zoom Rooms for Touch and how to make the most of the features available to you:

  • Meetings can be started or joined at any time
  • Touching the whiteboard in Zoom Rooms
  • Controls for Zoom Rooms for Touch in-meeting
  • Dual monitor setup for Zoom Rooms for Touch
  • Turning off touch screen functionality


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Zoom rooms?

Setup of Zoom Rooms: How to do it

  1. You will need to mount the TV, the camera, and the PC/Mac on the wall.

  2. There needs to be a cable TV connection, a camera connection, audio connections, and the network connection.

  3. Ensure that the PC/Mac and controller are turned on and that the network is connected.

  4. The firmware of your TV, camera, and audio components may need to be upgraded (if necessary).

What is the difference between Zoom and Zoom rooms?

A Zoom Meetings license is ideal for individuals wanting to hold meetings at their own pace. Zoom Rooms, on the other hand, is an ideal solution for conference rooms where multiple people will be able to attend or view a meeting in the same physical location.

How do you use the Zoom room controller?

Zoom Rooms Controller for iOS – How to use it

  1. Zoom’s desktop client can be accessed by logging in to it.

  2. Click on Apps and then select Room Controller from the menu.

  3. In the list of devices, select the Zoom for Home device that you are using. …

  4. Click on the OK button after entering the Sharing Key.

  5. There is an option that you may choose. You may click Meet Now to start a meeting right away, or you may click Meeting List to start a scheduled meeting.

What is Zoom Room for touch?

Developers are able to create Zoom apps and integrations using an open platform that makes it easy to create them.

What is the advantage of Zoom Rooms?

There are many advantages of using a Zoom Room as a conference space, including enhanced communication, collaboration, and productivity. There are several tools you’ll be able to use in a Zoom-based meeting room: Audio and video conferencing (with the option for capturing the meeting) Remote participation.

How many Zoom Rooms can I have?

A Zoom meeting that uses breakout rooms can be divided into up to 50 separate sessions. As the meeting host, you can choose to either automatically or manually separate participants of the meeting into these different breakout sessions, or you can allow the participants to choose and enter breakout sessions at your own discretion.

Are Zoom Rooms the same as breakout rooms?

The breakout rooms are a special kind of Zoom meeting that is split up into smaller sessions. The smaller group sessions provide participants with an opportunity to meet in smaller groups and are complete isolated from the main session when it comes to audio and video. It is possible to use breakout rooms to collaborate with other participants and discuss the meeting in more detail.

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