Test Zoom Room Setup

You can do the following tests by setting Zoom Rooms without a license

  • Test the Zoom Room Function
  • Video and audio test for transmission and reception

However, what can not be done in the test

When testing or joining a meeting from an unlicensed room, the functionality is limited.

Examples of restricted features.

    • Participant invitation
    • Record content,


  • Screen sharing


This article contains the following:


  • Mac computer, iPad
    but meet hardware requirements


How to set up a test Zoom room

  1. Install the Zoom Room application on your computer and the Zoom Room application on your controller device.
  2. Open the Zoom Room application on your computer.
  3. Open the Zoom Room app on the controller.
  4. The pairing code is displayed on the computer. Enter this code into the controller.
  5. This will allow the Zoom room to start a test meeting and join the meeting. Please refer to here forhow to set up ZoomRooms .

Start a test meeting

To start a test meeting , tap Start Test Meeting on the controller .

※ The test meeting has limited functions for testing the transmission and reception of video and audio. You can not invite participants, record content, or share content.

Attend a meeting

You can join the meeting from an unauthorized room. This allows you to share video and audio, and view the screen you shared with others. You can not invite participants, record content, or share content.

  1. Enter the meeting ID.
  2. Tap the join button.


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