How to install Zoom Rooms (including Apple ID settings)

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  • Mac Mini (PC body)
  • IPad (controller)
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • TV (monitor)


MAC and iPad (Controller) Settings


<Operation and confirmation with Mac Mini> 


  1. Connect the power cable and HDMI port to your Mac Mini.


  1. Select a language. Example: [ Japanese].


  1. Select a country. Example: [ Japan].


  1. Select a country. Example: [ Japan].


  1. Select the keyboard input environment. Example: [ A Japanese] [ Enter Latin]


  1. Select a Wi-Fi network. Example: [ Air-Nelco]


  1. Transfer information to this Mac. Here, [ Do not forward information now]


  1. Sign in with your Apple ID.


<Operation and confirmation with iPad>

  1. The message “Apple ID sign-in required” is displayed on the iPad.
Allow Tap], to confirm the Apple ID confirmation code.


<Operation and confirmation with Mac Mini>

  1. Enter your Apple ID verification code on your Mac.


  1. Terms of Use Click [ Agree].


  1. macOS Software License Agreement and Game Center Terms of Use

After reading, click [ Agree ].


  1. Create a computer account

Enter your profile, account name, password, and hint.


  1. iCloud Keychain Click [Use iCloud Keychain].


  1. In Express Settings, click Continue.


  1. In Save file to all iCloud, check and click [ Continue].


  1. In the Keyboard Setup Assistant, click Continue.


  1. During keyboard identification, press the key as supported by the screen.

Here, press the right key of Left Shift.


  1. In the keyboard setting assistant setting result, select [ JIS (Japanese)].

Select [ completed click on them].


20. Install the app on the Zoom meeting site.


  1. Scroll down the screen and click [ Zoom Rooms Client].


  1. DownloadZoom Rooms for Conference Room.


  1. Click the Downloadicon at the bottom right of the screen .


  1. Click [ ZoomRooms.pkg] that you downloaded .


  1. Welcome to the Zoom Rooms Installer Getting Started, click Continue.


  1. Under Important Information, click Continue.


  1. In the standard installation on “Machintosh HD”, click [ Install].


  1. When “Install Zoom Rooms” pops up,

Enter your   Mac password and click [ Continue ].


  1. Click ” Open Security and Privacy“.


  1. On the screen that popped up, select ” Allowloading of system software of developer” Zoom Video Communications. Inc “was blocked” .


  1. In System Extension Blocked, click [ OK].


  1. Security and privacy permissions on the System Preferences page

When enabled, the Zoom Rooms installer will

Load Click [ Finish ].


  1. The controller pairing code is displayed. Zoom Rooms app

Download to iPad and enter the room.


<Zoom Room Operation and confirmation with iPad>

  1. Enter the pairing code on your iPad.


  1. Install] the Zoom Rooms app on the Apple Store .


  1. Launch the Zoom Rooms app and welcome to Zoom Rooms,

Tap   [ Sign in ].


  1. Tap [ Enter Activation Code].

The confirmation method of the activation code is

Check from Zoom management screen> Zoom Rooms.


  1. Enter the activation code.


  1. When this screen is displayed on the TV, all the work is complete.

On the iPad, all the work is complete if the screen below is displayed.


  1. If you use an iPad for Zoom Rooms only, you can fix the screen.

Please set in the following way.

On iPad, select [ General ] → [ Accessibility ] → [ Access Guide ]


Set to [ ON ]. Tap Start on the upper right.


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