Boost productivity with Salesforce, Jira, GitHub, and ServiceNow apps for Team Chat in Zoom

When it comes to working together in Zoom Team Chat, it goes way beyond just sending and receiving messages or chatting with each other. In order to do this effectively, you have to work well with others in an easy, enjoyable, and efficient manner.

We know that Team Chat is becoming a hub for collaboration and we know that having apps integrated into the Team Chat experience is one of the key aspects of that transformation. In conjunction with Zoomtopia, we officially introduced Apps for Team Chat last month, which allows you to bring your everyday work tasks into the space where important conversations and decisions are being made, allowing you to get more done. In other words, you are able to have easy access to the tools you prefer, all without having to switch contexts or leaving Zoom.

With the recent release of the Jira App and ServiceNow Virtual Agent, we are happy to announce that our customer’s most requested application, the Salesforce App for Zoom Team Chat, is now available for you to use, in addition to the Jira App and the ServiceNow Virtual Agent.

Bring customer records right into Team Chat

In order to achieve business success, it is imperative that you maintain a strategic focus on your customers. Whenever you need access and up-to-date information about your customers, you need to be able to do so without worrying about how or where to do it. Why not combine Zoom Team Chat and Salesforce on your computer so that you can make them more useful, and, at the same time, reduce your workload and boost your productivity at the same time if you are already using them on your computer?

A Zoom App for Team Chat has been created by Salesforce in order to make its cloud-based CRM readily available to Zoom users who use Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM. With the Salesforce App for Team Chat, you can use it for 1:1 or team chats, as well as channel conversations, so you can do the following:

  • Search for records: The simple compose shortcut allows you to quickly access important customer information.

  • Share records in channels: It is important that colleagues are kept informed by sharing a customer record in Team Chat in order to ensure that it is visible to them.

  • Receive notifications: With custom notifications, you will always be able to stay on top of what is happening with your customer base. This way, you will never miss when an Opportunity changes stages or a Contact calls you.

  • Add chat messages to records: When a chat message is added to a record it is added seamlessly, providing greater context for conversational details.

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There is no need for you to waste your valuable time searching for and updating customer records any longer with the Salesforce App for Team Chat.

Simplify support and project management with ServiceNow, Jira and GitHub apps

In Team Chat, you have access to a number of tools in addition to the Salesforce App for Team Chat. Furthermore, there are three other apps that have just been released that can be used to increase your personal productivity and that will enable you to gain valuable time back in your day.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent

With ServiceNow Virtual Agent, you can easily take care of IT issues on the fly by self-serving and addressing them on the fly. It is a Zoom Team Chat application that plays well with ServiceNow Virtual Agent and can be used by users to interact with a ServiceNow bot in order to create tickets, monitor their status, and take action if necessary with the serviceNow Virtual Agent application. As a result, it uses artificial intelligence and text analysis to parse natural-language queries, such as “I cannot get onto VPN,” and then parses those requests into a set of custom scripts that respond to the user‘s request. Specifically, Team Chat users have the capacity to ask the virtual agent questions like how to use an application, what hardware is needed, or how to resolve general IT issues, for example.

As a result, service teams no longer have to perform redundant and repetitive tasks as a result of these automated queries. There is a lot more to the ServiceNow Virtual Agent than simply increased productivity. In addition to freeing up team members’ time, virtual assistants allow them to dive deeper into complex problems and provide better one-to-one support to customers.

Jira App for Team Chat

Atlassian’s agile project management tool Jira makes it as easy as possible for you to work on agile projects using its Jira App for Team Chat. You will be able to view, create, and update issues right from your Zoom Team Chat conversations, which allows you to work on agile projects easily. Using the Jira App for Team Chat, you can easily work on agile projects with Atlassian’s agile project management tool, Jira. Make it easier to create and update Jira issues right from Zoom by leveraging message shortcuts that allow you to save important issue details and save time. Additionally, you have the option of allowing members of your team to take quick actions from a Jira issue that is shared in your Team Chat message, making it easier for them to communicate with one another.

GitHub for Team Chat

Our Zoom Team Chat App for GitHub was also launched last month to provide you with the ability to connect your GitHub accounts directly to Zoom Team Chat. This allows you to create and update GitHub issues directly from Team Chat by connecting your GitHub account to it, and it will notify you when a new issue is posted.

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More apps are on the way

We want Zoom Team Chat to offer all of your favorite apps in the same place, which is why we are actively working to make sure they are all available in Zoom Team Chat. The plan is over the course of the next few months to expand our Team Chat Apps to include Asana, Confluence, Google Drive, Workday, and many more in order to assist you in working smarter, being more productive, saving time, and reducing app fatigue that comes with switching between apps frequently.

Would it be possible to ask if there is an app that you cannot find in the Zoom App Marketplace for Team Chat which you would like to download? We would love to hear about any apps that you think we should add to our app store!

How to begin using apps for Team Chat

Having access to Zoom Team Chat is necessary in order to use these apps. It is good to know that Team Chat can be found in all Zoom One bundles, as well as with Zoom Meetings and Phone licenses. In order to access it, you will need to download the desktop and mobile apps from here. Click on the “Team Chat” icon in your Zoom program if you have already downloaded it in order to start chatting!

To discover which apps are compatible with Team Chat, you need to visit the Zoom App Marketplace. Alternatively, you can filter the list specifically for Apps in Team Chat and then explore all of our apps from there. When you are an administrator of an account, you have the option of choosing which apps you want to add to it. Admins may also request specific apps be added to your account for your review and approval as an end user.

In the event”>Event that all of the apps have been successfully added to Zoom, you can now start integrating them into your workflows straight into Zoom and start utilizing your time more efficiently!


How do you set up zoom team chat?

  1. Launch the Zoom mobile app and sign in.
  2. Select the tab labeled “Team Chat.”
  3. To start a new conversation, select the “new chat” icon located at the very top of the chat panel.
  4. In the “Contact” field, type in the name or email address of the person you want to chat with on Zoom.
  5. Enter your message.
  6. Tap the send icon, which is located in the lower-right hand corner of the chat write box.
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How do you manage a team on Zoom?

How to manage members in a group
  1. Enter your login information into the Zoom online interface.
  2. Click User Management in the drop-down menu of the navigation bar, then click Users.
  3. Mark the users you want to add to the group by clicking the checkboxes next to their names.
  4. Tap the Group button.
  5. Check the user list for accuracy.
  6. Choose the appropriate entry for the user group from the list that appears in the User Group drop-down menu.
  7. Select the Save option.


How do I manage Zoom in chat?

Manage chat settings
  1. Click the Chat button in the meeting controls when you are participating in a meeting.
  2. To view the settings for the in-meeting chat, click the icon with three dots.
  3. The following choices are available to you to select from: A participant can have a conversation with: Manage the participants’ access to the chat room. No one: Chat during the meeting will not be allowed.


How do I pin a chat window in Zoom?

Pin a message
  1. Launch the desktop client for Zoom and log in.
  2. Simply select the tab labeled “Team Chat.”
  3. Locate the message that you wish to pin, then move your mouse over the message while it is selected. Next to the message, you will see some other options appear.
  4. After clicking the ellipsis button, select the “Pin for Everyone” option.


How do I access chats on Zoom?

Enter your login information into the Zoom online interface.To access the reports, first select Account Management from the menu of navigation options.After selecting the User Activity Reports tab, select the Chat History option from the drop-down menu.