How fast Technical support in Zoom – Check all Way

When problems arise at the Zoom site, there are a number of solutions that the company provides by contacting its technical support.
All of these methods that are listed below are extreme, urgent help if you did not find a solution earlier on the Internet.

Zoom technical support

Zoom technical support shares the priority of the call, depending on the account. If you have a basic, free tariff, then you need to contact the chat with the bot. For the “professional” tariff, contact via e-mail is provided. For “Business”, “Education”, “Enterprise” and “API” accounts and administrators all types of communication, as well as by phone.

You must send your requests with an indication of priority:
Priority 1 – “Urgent”: 1 hour;
Priority 2 – “High”: 4 hours;
Priority 3 – “Normal”: 24 hours;
Priority 4 – “Low”: 24 hours;

How to Contact Zoom Support

There are several options for contacting the technical support of the Zoom platform. This is a chat with a bot, send an email to the mail or by phone.

Online chat

On the zoom site in the right corner there is a message icon, by clicking on it, you can solve simple questions using a robot.

In the chat settings, you can select the language of the dialogue, as well as save and download the correspondence. To do this, click on the gear at the top.


To write to Zoom technical support by email, you need to write “support” in the chat. The bot will send you a link, by clicking on which you can send an email.

The more data you provide about the problem that has arisen, the more likely it is to get an answer faster. If possible, fill in all the columns of the application.

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By phone

USA: +1-888-799-9666, ext. 2
Australia: +61-1800-768-027, ext. 2
France: 33-800-94-64-64, ext. 2
India: +91-800-050-2040, ext. 2
Japan: +81-053-132-0070, ext. 2
New Zealand: +64-800-475-039, ext. 2
Singapore: +65-800-321-1249, ext. 2
UK: +44-800-368-7314, + 2 or +44-20-7039-8961,+ 2

In Russia, Zoom technical support by phone is not yet available, but if you are in one of the countries listed above, you can contact the technical department by phone.

Opening hours: around the clock, including weekends and holidays. Due to the pandemic, the load has increased, so the waiting time may be longer.