What does it mean to pin a video in Zoom

In order not to be distracted by other participants during an online seminar, Zoom has a function that allows you to capture the broadcast of one of the participants or the speaker. This option is relevant for lessons, lectures, when important information cannot be missed. Instructions below on how to enable this feature.

The instruction is described taking into account the update of Zoom to 5.0.5, in May 2020. In earlier versions, enabling features may differ from the latest updates.

What does it mean to pin a video in Zoom

This function on the Zoom platform is possible if you want only the speaker’s broadcast to be displayed on your screen. If another participant speaks, you will not see him. The screen will not change to another person. This function is displayed only on your monitor.

On the computer

To pin a video in Zoom on a PC, you need :

  • Be in a Zoom conference;
  • Left-click 1 time on the broadcast of the screen you want to pin;
  • Click the right mouse button 1 time. In the list that appears, select “Pin Video”.
  • To unpin, right-click on the screen again and select “Unpin”. Or in the left corner of the monitor, click “Unpin Video”.On older versions of Zoom :
    1. In the list of broadcast participants, hover over the host or speaker;
    2. Right-click and select Track.

    On a smartphone

    On mobile phones, you can record a video like this :

    1. Be in a Zoom conference;
    2. Swipe left to see all visitors;
    3. To unpin, again quickly double tap the touchscreen.

    On a tablet

    Instructions for tablets are the same as for mobiles. You need to quickly, 2 times in a row, click on the screen to pin the video of the organizer or the attendee of the seminar whose image you want to capture. To unpin a picture, the steps are the same.

    Please note that on a computer and on mobile phones, this option can only be activated if the camera of the conference participant you want to capture on your screen is turned on. The option does not work when video broadcasting is disabled.

    During the lesson, these actions are not displayed to other participants. No one will see that you have captured the organizer’s image. Each visitor to a lesson or meeting can independently enable or disable this option.

    If you want to turn on the recording at the same time, then the picture that you saw during the seminar will be saved from your monitor. In this case, others will see about the inclusion of fixing the picture on your monitor if you share the recording of the seminar.










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