How to Integrate with Eloqua in zoom

You are able to register prospects for Zoom Webinars through the integration of Oracle Eloqua with your marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it allows you to track your attendance and registration directly in Eloqua without the need to manually bring it in from Zoom.

Note:There will be no contacts returned by the Zoom Feeder until the Marketing user has activated the campaign, at which point all contacts will be returned by the Zoom Feeder. Eloqua only imports contact information into Eloqua at the point when the Campaign is activated, so any subsequent registrations will not be a part of this Eloqua Campaign. An update will be released in the near future to address this problem.

Prerequisites for using the Eloqua integration

  • In order to register for a webinar you need to purchase the Webinar Add-On (500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000, 50000, or 50,000).

How to integrate Oracle Eloqua with Zoom

In this document, you will find detailed instructions on how to integrate Oracle Eloqua with Zoom.

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