How to manage audio echo in a meeting in Zoom App

In a meeting, how to handle audio echo

In order to determine if you are hearing an echo or feedback during your meeting, here are three possibilities:

  • Both the phone and the computer audio are active for a participant.
  • There is too much close proximity between the speakers on the computer or the telephone.
  • In the same conference room there are multiple computers with active audio.

In addition to loud speakers (such as a TV or sound bar), a failure to eliminate echo due to a hardware or software failure, and a bad microphone, echo can also be the result of too loud speakers. There is a general rule that if you are hearing echo, it means something is channeling your audio in the opposite direction.

Isolating the attendee involves the following steps:

  • The host is able to mute the attendees one by one.
  • In addition, hosts can mute all speakers at once, and unmute them one by one.
  • Each attendee has the option of muting themselves.

Prerequisites for managing the audio echo in a meeting

  • This is the desktop client for Zoom
    • Windows: 5.2.1 or higher
    • MacOS: 5.2.1 or higher
    • Linux: 5.2.1 or higher
  • The Zoom mobile application
    • Android: 5.2.1 or higher
    • iOS: 5.2.1 or higher

Case 1: Both the computer and telephone audio are active

You must follow the instructions below, if you’re using a computer to join and you’re calling in from a phone:

  1. Please dial the teleconference number provided in your meeting invitation on your phone.
  2. When you call into a meeting or webinar, you should enter your participant ID followed by #.
  3. In the event that you are already on the call, you can enter your #participant ID#.
  4. Leave the computer audio open manually on your computer (optional).

Case 2: Computer or telephone speakers are too close to each other

During an audio conference, if one participant is too close to you, and both of you have speakers connected, you may want to either turn off the computer or disconnect the telephone lines.

Case 3: Multiple computers with active audio are in the same conference room

It is a good idea to disconnect the computer audio from the other devices in your conference room, if you have a conference room with multiple devices. Please see Joining a meeting or webinar by phone for more information on how to disconnect computer audio from computers.


Using the mute button is not sufficient, as the speaker is still playing while the mic is muted.

For mobile (Android and iOS) devices, the following steps must be taken to disconnect computer audio:

  1. Using the Zoom mobile app, sign in to your account.
  2. Choose a meeting to attend.
  3. Select the More option from the meeting controls.
  4. Disconnect the audio connection.

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