How to start with Zoom Rooms Appliances

Getting started with Zoom Rooms Appliances

Zoom Rooms Appliances are devices designed for scalability, deployment, and management of Zoom Rooms that are easy to use and affordable. These devices will only be one of the tools that can be used to configure Zoom Rooms. We recommend you review the licensing, configuration options, and setup for Zoom Rooms if you are brand new to it.

It is possible that the Zoom Rooms Appliances will not be able to support all Zoom Room features because they are still under development. It is worthwhile to compare the Zoom Room features between different configurations.

Prerequisites for setting up Zoom Rooms Appliances

  • License for Zoom Rooms
  • Access to Zoom Rooms via the web portal has the role of having access to Zoom Rooms
  • via a Zoom Rooms appliance device that is compatible with Zoom Rooms

How to setup Neat devices

  • Instructions for the installation of the product
  • neat bar and neat pad – Buns-Ense: „Vehicles Installation Manual””

How to setup Poly devices

  • Poly Studio X30: How to set it up*
  • Poly Studio X50: How to set it up*
  • Poly TC8: How to pair it with Poly Video
  • Poly TC8: How to pair it with Zoom Rooms

Note: Zoom must be selected as the device’s default conferencing provider in order to work with it. For instructions on how to set up your Poly Studio’s conferencing provider or to change it, please refer to the administrator’s guide for your specific device.

General setup assistance

  • Deploying Zoom Rooms – a step-by-step guide
  • on how to set up and configure ZDM for appliances
  • Getting Alexa to work with Zoom Room appliances