Exporting logs and config files (Poly) In Zoom App

The support team will be able to troubleshoot issues you are experiencing if you provide them with log files and/or configuration files. These files are available for downloading from the portal, and you can then send them to support for further analysis.

Prerequisites for exporting logs and configuration files for Poly phones

  • Polycom devices supported
  • Polycom devices added to Zoom website
  • in account-level settings for desk phones

How to access the phone’s web interface


  • As you will see from the screenshots above, the instructions apply to both SoundPoint and SoundStation phones. However, the instructions will also apply to other phone series.
  • When provisioned devices are enabled, the Zoom Phone web interface is by default disabled. You need to ensure that the Web Interface option is enabled in the account settings of the desk phones if you are unable to access the phone’s web interface.
  1. Press the Home button on your phone and then choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Status and then on Network.
  3. Make a note of the IP address by clicking TCP/IP Parameters and then IPv4 Addr.
  4. The computer must be connected to the same network as the cellphone, so you can open a web browser on it.
  5. Type in https:// and then enter the IP address of the phone.
  6. Adding a security exception to your browser will prevent the security warning from being displayed.
  7. You must sign in as the administrator to see the warning.
  8. 456 or 789 is the default password for the administrator account. You will need your username and password from the phone’s manufacturer. The Zoom web portal allows you to view the administrator password, if it has been set globally.

How to export logs and configuration files using the phone’s web interface

  1. Select the Diagnostics menu in the top menu bar and then click View & Download Logs under the diagnostic menu.
  2. The log file can be downloaded by clicking Export.
  3. Click the Import & Export Configuration link under the Utilities option.
  4. On the Export Configuration page, click the plus sign (+).


Visit Polycom support for information on configuring syslog.