I want to prevent unintended participants from entering the Zoom room

Personal meeting IDs are always in the meeting room.

It is recommended to activate the “standby room” to prevent unintended participants from entering during a meeting, especially when you have a series of meetings.

Setting method of waiting room effective

  1. Access My Meetings .
  2. Select the Personal Meeting Room tab and click Edit this meeting

Check Enable Meeting Room in the meeting options and click Save.

What happens when a participant enters the meeting room

  1. Participants enter the meeting room by entering their personal meeting ID from the web, client or app.
  2. Participants will see the message “Please wait for the host to start this meeting.”

When the host joins the meeting, the message “The host of the meeting will soon allow you to join the meeting.

When the host is in the meeting room, the host is asked if the participant is in the waiting room and whether to allow the meeting room. Click Allow to start the meeting.


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