If the host does not join the Zoom meeting, can I record?

Do you have a question? “Can I start Zoom recording without the host?”

I can do it.

” Participate before the host if you are using a function”, you can ask them to start the recording with other participants.

Zoom Cloud recording without the host

If cloud auto-recording is enabled

First of all, the account in the cloud record ※ 1 and the automatic recording is 2 ※ must be a valid ※ 1

1Mimiting- > Click the [ Recording ] tab> Turn on cloud recording

※ 2 Click the [
Making ] > [ Recording ] tab> turn on automatic recording > Select to record on the cloud

If you enable automatic recording as described above, you can choose to turn automatic recording on or off when creating a schedule .

  1. Schedule meetings from clients, apps, and the web.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the Automatically record meeting option selected .

When the first participant joins a meeting,
recording starts automatically without the host. This record is stored and accessible on the host’s 
My Recordings page.

Local recording without host

The default setting is that only the host can start local recording.

A host can set up a participant as an alternate host to give other participants recording permission so that the host can record meetings without joining the meeting.

  1. Alternate host the setting ※ 3 to how to schedule a meeting
    ※ 3
    Advanced option > Alternative host > Enter the alternative host email address
  2. When participating in a meeting, the alternate host can perform local recording * 4in the absence of the host .
    ※ 4
    arrow next to the recording ^ > Click on this computer recording
    This record is saved by default in My Documents.
    PC:  C: Users User Name Documents ZoomMac:  / Users / User Name / Documents / Zoom