Importing personal contacts In Zoom App

Zoom users can upload a CSV file which contains all a user’s personal contact information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Under the Contacts tab > My Contacts section of the Zoom desktop client and mobile app, you’ll find all the contacts saved in your account that are synced with your Zoom account and saved to the Contacts tab. It is also possible to call your contacts through Zoom Phone if you own a license for Zoom Phone.

Your Zoom admin may have restricted your ability to sync your contacts with Outlook or Google via calendar/contacts integration if your organization does not use Outlook or Google for managing contacts. Zoom Phone allows you to view your phone’s contacts within the Zoom mobile app when you’re using Zoom Phone with the Zoom mobile app.

Prerequisites for importing personal contacts

  • To use Zoom Phone with a phone number, you need a license
  • For syncing your contacts, you need Zoom 5.8.3 or higher on your desktop or mobile device

Limitations of importing personal contacts

  • The maximum number of personal contacts that can be imported is 1,000.
  • Each contact cannot be edited or deleted individually. Uploading a new CSV file is the only way to overwrite the existing contacts.
  • Syncing your contacts between Zoom desktop client and Zoom mobile app is possible via the Zoom web portal. In the Contacts tab, you will find the My Contacts section that contains all of your personal contacts. During the import process, you may name a sub-section under which the contacts will appear. In terms of personal contacts, you are not able to organize them.
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How to import contacts using a CSV file

You can use the Zoom web portal to download a CSV sample file and begin adding personal contacts to the file after you have done so.

  1. The Zoom website can be accessed once you have logged in.
  2. Once you have accessed the Zoom website, click on Personal Contacts from the navigation menu.
  3. Then click Import.
  4. A sample CSV file will then be downloaded.
  5. Use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to open the CSV file sample.
  6. For each contact, make sure to include the following information:
    Note: You must type the phone numbers in the E.164 format. In each of the 5 relevant populated areas you can specify only one phone number at a time.

    • Name (required): The name associated with the contact.
    • Email Address: An email address for the contact.
    • Office: An office telephone number for the contact.
    • Home: The home telephone number of the contact.
    • Mobile: This is the mobile telephone number of the contact.
    • Fax: The fax number of the contact.
    • Phone: The primary telephone number of the contact.
    • Company: This is the company of the contact.
  7. Please save the file.
  8. You will need to return to the Zoom web portal at this point.
  9. Select Personal Contacts from the menu on the left.
  10. Select Import.
  11. Then you will be asked to name the group you have created.
    Note: When you go to the Contacts tab > My Contacts section in the client or app, this display name will appear with your contact’s name.
  12. You will need to select the CSV file you want to import, and you will then need to upload it.
  13. Click on Upload.
    A list of your contacts will appear if the CSV imports successfully.
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Phone number format

The CSV of the phone numbers must include the following information (known as the E.164 format):

  • Please omit the plus sign before the country code (omitting the + sign before the country code)
  • Area code
  • Phone number


  • For each relevant field, only one phone number should be entered.
  • Rather than using a space to separate the area code, country code, and phone number, use a comma or a hyphen in their respective places.

How to replace current personal contacts

When you import your contact information, you can upload a CSV file to replace the existing contact information.

Note: All existing contacts will be replaced if you follow these steps. Personal contacts cannot be edited once they have been created.

  1. Log in to Zoom’s web portal.
  2. Click Personal Contacts at the top of the page.
  3. Select Replace with New CSV File at the top of the page.
  4. Provide a name for this group of contacts.
  5. Please select the CSV file you would like to import and then click on Select CSV File.
  6. Then click Upload.
    When the CSV file is successfully imported, a list of phone numbers will appear. Any previously inserted personal information will be overwritten.

How to delete current personal contacts?

To delete all of your personal contacts, you can go to the contact list and select the option: Delete all personal contacts.

  1. To access the Zoom web portal, you will need to sign in.
  2. To access this, click Personal Contacts after signing in.
  3. You will then be able to delete any information that no longer needs to be retained.
    In addition, you will be able to remove any personal contacts that are already present.