Joining a Zoom Room meeting using an iOS device

A Zoom Room near you can be used to join a Zoom meeting using the Zoom iOS mobile app. You must have the same Zoom account for your personal account and Zoom Room.

Prerequisites for joining a Zoom Room meeting with an iOS device

  • A version of Zoom Rooms higher than 5.0.5 is required
  • Version 5.0.5 or higher of Zoom Rooms Controller is required

How to join a Zoom Room meeting using an iOS device

  1. Using the Zoom iOS app, sign in to your Zoom account.
  2. Let’s schedule a meeting.
  3. You will need to tap the Settings button.
  4. Select Meetings from the drop-down menu.
  5. The Zoom Room Detection option should be enabled under the General section.
    Click the toggle to enable the setting if it is disabled by default.
  6. The name of the Zoom Room will be shown in a notification when you are close to one that is available.
  7. To join the meeting, tap the Join button next to the topic you wish to join.
  8. In order to join the meeting from the Zoom Room that is nearby, you will need to tap Join from Room.