Problems with Zoom crashing? Solved

We will analyze the reasons why Zoom crashes, and also write solutions to such bugs. Due to the heavy load on the platform, errors can occur, the solutions to which are often very simple.

Why is Zoom crashing?

The reasons why Zoom kicks out of the conference can be:

  • The conference organizer disconnected you;
  • The organizer has completed the online session;
  • When using the basic tariff, the 40-minute limit is over and the conference is closed for all participants;
  • There was a weak or overloaded Internet connection, in which case error 1006 crashes.
  • If this error appears, then restart the router and computer. When using public Wi-Fi, the conference may slow down due to the large number of devices connected to the Internet.

Zoom slows down

If you use the application on a mobile phone, check the free memory on your phone. The zoom may slow down, freeze due to lack of free space on the device.

Stay tuned, if the program offers to download a new version, we recommend that you always update the application, since at the same time it also updates the level of personal data protection.

Doesn’t start

If the program does not start at all, pay attention to what error it writes. The following bugs in which Zoom does not enter:

  • Restarting the platform servers. Try to enter the program in a few minutes, when the load eases and you can start or connect to the conference;
  • Another reason why Zoom won’t start is the high load on the PC, open the task manager to make sure that no other program is slowing down the computer. In this case, close the program that loads the PC the most, then restart the computer.
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Why is my Zoom kicking me out?

System Overload. Zoom can crash for reasons similar to those caused by incompatible hardware, such as a slow or overloaded machine.

Why does Zoom keep kicking me out after 40 minutes?

For users who just have access to the free basic plan, the maximum length of time for a meeting is forty minutes. You have the option of upgrading your account in order to host meetings that go longer than forty minutes; alternatively, the account owner or admin will need to issue you a license.


How do I fix Zoom meeting problem?

Zoom lagging or freezing during a meeting

Change your connection if it doesn’t work. If you’re using a mobile device and having trouble maintaining a good video connection while on a Zoom call, you might want to try moving to a different location that has a better connection.

Check the speed of the connection.

Adjust Zoom settings.


How do I fix the Zoom app on my computer?

Clearing the cache and cookies on your device or in your browser is something we recommend doing if you are having difficulties starting Zoom on your desktop or on the web, attending a meeting, or signing in to your Zoom account. The problem can be fixed by first erasing the cache and cookies stored in the Google Chrome browser, and then restarting Google Chrome.

How do I clear my Zoom cache?

  1. To access the device’s settings, tap the gear symbol.
  2. Tap Apps. Note: Depending on the hardware you’re using or the version of Android you’re running, applications (also known as apps) may go by a different name.
  3. Zoom can be selected from the available apps if you scroll down.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. Select both Clear data and Clear cache from the menu.
It is recommended that the download speed of your internet service be in the range of 10 to 25 Mbps, and the upload speed should be at least 3 Mbps for the best possible results when using Zoom for video chatting.