Requesting a project port In Zoom App (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)

In order to use your Zoom Phone account with more than 100 pre-existing numbers, a project port allows you to move them from another carrier. In order to move more than 100 numbers, you have to port them from another carrier.


Please refer to our list of common porting issues and solutions if you’re experiencing any problems during this process.

Prerequisites for requesting a project port (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)

  • Permissions granted to the account owner or admin on the account
  • With a Zoom Phone license

There are a few pieces of information that you will need to provide:

  • If you have a current carrier, please provide the account number for that carrier (if applicable)
  • Then enter the 4-digit PIN number (which must be entered for all wireless ports if it is a wireless number)

If you are planning to use your existing phone with Zoom Phone please contact Zoom ahead of time. Your current carrier may need to unlock the phone on the day of porting so that Zoom Phone can provision it.

How to request a project port (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)

  1. Completing the Letter of Agency (LOA) is required.
    For help in completing the form, refer to the guidelines.
  2. Please download, print, complete, and submit the Porting Sheet required by the ITDP.
    • It is also necessary to fill out the Toll-Free Letter of Agreement for you to be able to port toll-free numbers.
    • You will be able to swap the POC (proof of concept) and trial numbers if you are currently carrying one. Please complete the Number Swap Sheet if you would like to do so when the port is fully completed. Numbers will be swapped in for the numbers that have been swapped out and they will be replaced like for like.
    • It is not possible to swap out the company numbers at this time. If you’d like to replace the main line, please let us know. We’ll format it as a regular number and upload it once we’ve ported it to the new version, allowing you to swap it out once you’ve done so.
  3. I would like to ask you to forward the LOA and Project Porting Sheet via email to
  4. One of our team members will review the request and verify that it has been received.
  5. It is Zoom Phone’s vested interest to handle your porting process as smoothly as possible. Your previous provider will be contacted for the validation of information on the LOA. As soon as the previous provider accepts, Zoom will work together with them to activate the transferred number. If approved, you can manage it through Zoom’s web portal.
  6. To minimize porting delays, review the most common errors.