Restricted countries or regions for Zoom services

From any international location you are able to start a meeting or join one. Check the security settings for firewalls or proxy servers on your corporate network if you are using a corporate network.

Because of regulatory reasons, Zoom is not available to users in the following countries or regions. Refer to the list of sanctioned countries maintained by the US government if you wish to find out more.

Restricted countries or regions

  • Cuba: Due to regulations in this country, Zoom users in Cuba are currently not able to use Zoom services.
  • Iran:  At the moment, Zoom services are not available to users in Iran because of regulatory requirements.
  • North Korea:  Zoom has a ban on providing its services to the citizens of this country because of regulations that have been imposed by the government.
  • Syria:  Zoom is unable to provide access to their services currently in this country due to regulatory reasons.
  • Ukraine (Crimea, Luhansk, Donetsk regions):  Due to governmental regulations, Zoom services cannot be accessed within these regions at this time.