Spotlight video feature in Zoom Room App

With spotlight video

This feature spotlights the video of one participant and displays the video of that participant as the main active speaker for all participants. This feature is always used to spotlight the main speakers.

See Pin Or Spotlight Video for spotlights at Zoom Rooms .
You can also pin the participant’s video. By pinning the video, the participant becomes the main speaker only on his terminal. The other participants, before the same active speaker appears over. See Pin Video for information on how to pin videos .

Before using spot video

During a meeting

  • I have a meeting host right
  • Zoom desktop client or Zoom mobile app
  • Three or more participants in a video meeting

During the webinar

  • I have webinar host authority
  • Having two or more participants with video
  • Zoom desktop client with PC version 4.0.35295.0605 or higher, Zoom desktop client with
    Mac version 4.0.35295.0605 or higher


Windows, Mac, Linux

To spotlight the video

  1. At the top of the screen, hover over the participant’s video you want to spotlight and click ….
  2. Select  [Spotlight Video] from the menu .

To cancel the spotlight

  1.  Click Cancel Spotlight Video in the upper left corner .
  1. This action returns the meeting to the active speaker.

Spotlight while speaking

The Spotlight while speaking feature displays the video on your screen while speaking in the active speaker view of the video layout. This is useful when recording locally .

To enable this setting:

  1. Log in to the desktop client
  2. Click Set .

  1. Click the Video

Check [Spot my video when speaking]  .

iOS · Android

To spotlight the video

  1. Press [Participant] .
    This button is located at the top of the iPad screen, at the bottom of the iPhone screen.
  1. Tap the participant’s name to spotlight.

Tap Spotlight Video .

To cancel the spotlight

  1. Press [Participant] .
    This button is located at the top of the iPad screen, at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

Tap the participant’s name.

Tap Cancel Spotlight Video .



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