Troubleshooting log of Outlook plug-in on PC for Zoom App


  1. Download the latest troubleshooting version of the Outlook Plugin provided by Support.
  2. Double-click the file and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Open Outlook (or close and reopen it) and try to reproduce
    If you do not see the
    plug-in , see Using the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in .
  4. Once the problem is reproduced, open Windows Explorer.
  5. Navigate to C: \ Users \ [User] \ AppData \ Roaming .
  6. Make sure that hidden folders are displayed to show this folder .
  7. Zoom Search Outlook plug-in folder.
  8. Right-click the folder and select Send> Compressed (zip) Folder .
  9. Rename the created folder [ticket #]. Zip . (Example )
  10. Send the compressed (zip) folder according to the ticket or upload it to the drop box to send the link.


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