PC troubleshooting log for Zoom App

The Zoom troubleshooting package contains log files to help Zoom engineers investigate problems. After reproducing the problem, these files need to be sent to the Zoom Support Agent using an existing ticket. In the troubleshooting version, Zoom support on the computer is not available and you do not have access to engineering.


  1. Download the installation package from the link provided by the support team.
  2. Double click to start installation
  3. Log in to a new PC client. Please ignore it if prompted to update.
  4. Reproduce the problem.
  5. Click Open Log File .
  6. Compress the latest log file in zip format and use ticket to name the file.
    Example: ticket 4444.zip or yorname.zip
  7. Send the zipped log or upload it to the drop box and send the link.
  8. After sending the log, uninstall this troubleshooting version of Zoom and reinstall it from the
    Download Center .

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Reference: If you can not find the log, the log file is located at:

  •   Win7 +: C: Users  My Account  AppData Roaming Zoom logs
  •   XP: C: Documents and Settings  My Account  Application Data Zoom logs

These folders may be hidden on your computer. You can search% appdata% or temporarily show all hidden files and folders .

Frequently Asked Questions

How to retrieve logs from the troubleshooting version
  1. Follow the link provided by the Support team to download the install package.
  2. Start the installation by double-clicking.
  3. Please ignore any prompts to update Zoom’s desktop client.
  4. The issue should be duplicated.
  5. Open the Open Log Folder or Console.app and navigate to ~/Library/Logs > zoom.us.
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Reference: If the log file cannot be found, please locate it at: Win7+: C: Users My Account AppData Roaming Zoom logs. Zoom logs are located in C: Documents and Settings My Account Application Data in XP.
9 Common Zoom Call Issues and How to Fix Them
  1. Check the status of Zoom’s service. It is a good idea to check Zoom’s Service Status page first. …
  2. Make sure Zoom is up to date. …
  3. Using the desktop client is the best way to go. …
  4. Make sure that Zoom Emails is whitelisted on your computer. …
  5. Make sure you have a good internet connection. …
  6. A victim of zoombombing has been identified. …
  7. Too often, meetings end before they are supposed to. …
  8. It is time to stop the echoes in the audio.


You can track your Zoom meeting usage by looking at the meeting history. It keeps track of meetings you host and attend. You can review how your organization uses Zoom through dashboards and reports based on your account type and user type.
It is safe to delete these crash dumps. Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Electron SDK is working for you. Do you have any issues? Only when a crash occurs do these crash dumps appear.

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