Mac Outlook Plug-in Troubleshooting Log for Zoom App

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  • Download the troubleshooting application provided by Support.
  • Double-click the file and open it according to the instructions.
  • Log in to the new Mac Outlook plug-in and repeat the same case to reproduce the problem.
  • Open the Finder, select Move , then select Move to Folder .

  • For Outlook 2011: Enter /Documents/ZoomOutlookPlugin/ZoomOutlookPlugin.log.
  • For Office 365/2016 version 15x: Enter “~ / Library / Containers / / Data / Documents / ZoomOutlookPlugin / ZoomOutlookPlugin.log”.

  • Send the zipped log or upload it to the drop box and send the link.

  • After sending the log, please uninstall the troubleshooting version of this Zoom Outlook plug-in and reinstall it from the Download Center
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