How to get started with Outlook plugin and add-in in Zoom App

The Zoom Outlook plugin and Zoom add-in are the two options available for Outlook integration. Zoom meetings can be added to Outlook events using both integrations. Add-ins can be integrated in Office AppSource through the plugin, which is a version of an application installation.

Accordingly, Zoom strongly recommends migrating your users to Zoom’s Outlook add-in in order to maintain compliance with Apple’s and Microsoft’s policies. The new solution makes it easier to deploy and better to manage, and it meets the security requirements of vendors like Apple as well as the new Microsoft support.


Outlook for Mac users will no longer be able to use injection-based native plugins thanks to an announcement from Microsoft. Zoom will also cease developing and supporting the Mac Outlook plug-in at this time. Microsoft and Apple are still working on blocking certain plugins, initially scheduled for June 2020. Therefore, organizations should still consider migrating their users to the Zoom Outlook add-in from the plugin.

Plugin support for Windows OS Outlook will be included in Zoom, including enhancements, upgrades, and bug fixes. In order to facilitate deployment and standardize user experience, we recommend consolidating to add-ins.

The following deployments are recommended in this context:

  • Office 365 – Mac and Windows environment:
  • Download and install Zoom Outlook.
  • Office 365 – Windows only:
  • Use Zoom Outlook add-ins since they simplify admin management and provide a more useful user experience. It will still work with Zoom Outlook plugins as well.
  • On Premise Office – Mac and Windows:
  • Download and install the Add-In for Exchange 2016. Install the plugin on Mac OS Mojave or earlier if using older versions of On Premise Office, since Mac OS Catalina does not support plugins.
  • On Premise Office – Windows only:
  • Ensure you deploy the add-in if your Exchange server is 2016 or 2019. You can install the plugin on a version of OnPremise Office older than 2016.

If you would like to begin migrating to Zoom’s Outlook add-on, we recommend you do so now. Here’s more information on how Zoom’s Outlook add-in works. You can submit a request for help with the migration to Zoom Support if you have any questions.