Linux troubleshooting log for Zoom App


  • Download the installation package from the link provided by the support team.
  • Install the package if necessary. Most versions can be installed from the software center. See the installation instructions for each Linux file type and flavor .
  • Log in to a new Linux client and run the same test case to reproduce the problem.
  • End the meeting
  • Open a terminal and navigate to the log folder by typing:     cd ~ / .zoom

  • Compress log folder. The following users of Ubuntu 14.04 environment execute tar-cvvf logs.tar logs and compress them in tar format.

  • You can move the newly compressed file as a convenience for sending the file. Move the newly compressed log folder to the Documents folder.
    mv logs.tar / home / [Your Name] / Documents

  • Send the zipped log or upload it to the drop box and send the link.
  • After sending the log, uninstall the troubleshooting version of Zoom and re-install it here (Link) .


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