Where can I download the latest version of Zoom App?





What is the current Zoom version to check your current version? please look at.

PC , Mac or Linux

You can also manually download the latest version by the following method.

・Click footer link [ download ] of https://zoom.us .

Download directly from one of the following:

https://zoom.us/support/download , https://zoom.us/download or

Note: https://zoom.us/download is   hosted on cloudfront.net

https://zoom.us/download2 is hosted on zoom.us.

Also, if there is a new mandatory / optional update, a notification of the update will pop up within 24 hours after login.

Update type

There are three types of updates: Web Only, Required, and Any.

  • Web-only updates are targeted at new fixes under test.
  • The required update starts when you click update. You can not proceed until you update.
  • Any update starts when you click the update. [ Later update If you select], before you can proceed.

Note: If you choose to make any updates later, you will be prompted to update the next time you log in.

iOS and Android

Zoom uses mobile notifications whenever there are new updates.

You can click the Appstore to update.

On Android, you can download the latest version from Google Play.

If you want to know the direct link, please refer to the Zoom installer list.


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