7 reasons why Zoom is better than other video conferencing software

Many teleconferencing software uses the Internet, but it is surprisingly difficult to find a convenient, stable communication environment and low maintenance costs.

As I work on a PC, I sometimes need video calling software. Sometimes I make calls with one to many, so I consider the stability of the communication and the other’s environment. I want to ask for your convenience.

This time, I would like to introduce the recommended software for web conferences and the reason why Zoom is better and overwhelmingly recommended over other video conference software while comparing with other conference software.

Requirements for Web conferencing software and videophone software

As a situation when using a video conference,

  • Meeting between different branches
  • Attend online seminars
  • One to many regular meetings

I think there are such.

If the distance between the two is far away, you cannot talk in real-time, so I would like to pursue the stability and convenience of communication as much as possible.

Especially since it is a business site, there is a time lag, and when situations arise where communication is not stable, time is very wasteful.

I also use a personal computer to teach people how to write a blog, but it takes a long time to communicate by voice or chat only when doing “I am here and there.” You

The dilemma continues to be born in both the client and myself.

 If you choose video phone software that you can use in a business setting where you cannot waste a minute, Zoom is recommended.

So what’s the difference between Zoom over other videophone software? I want to introduce the point.

Reasons why Zoom’s online conferencing software is recommended

The following are representative examples of Internet conferencing software and videophone software, but it is also true that there are advantages and disadvantages.

For example,

  • “Communication becomes unstable.”
  • “You need to prepare a specific environment.”
  • “There is a limit on the number of participants.”

Many factors impede the smooth operation of the conference.

For example,

Looking back at every video call software I have used to make calls, there are some such things, but each one has drawbacks in making a video call.

For example:


  •  Skype: Group call is unstable communication, not suitable for business use for security
  •  Hangout: Google account and browser required; up to 10 people
  •  Appear: Browser required, a tiny old PC
  •  Chat work: Browser required, Business contract plan up to 14 people
  • Bizmee: Browser needed, up to 8 people

Also, the significant features of the software, as mentioned earlier, are:

“You can only access it via a computer.”

There is also such a problem.

However, Zoom’s videophone software has almost no such disadvantage, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s helpful software because you can start a call with a single click.

Seven reasons to choose Zoom


Zoom is recommended for videophone software, but there are “7 major features” when you check the practical side.

 It has the following significant features.

  • There is no need for dedicated software
  • Maintenance and management costs are free and cheap
  • It does not depend on the personal computer environment etc of both senses
  • Anyway, the operation is light
  • Up to 50 participants can be invited
  • The calling environment is stable
  • It supports communication other than PC

Looking at the benefits again, there are benefits such as being able to easily handle a large number of people at meetings between branches in an office, as well as seminars and conferences between departments, and simultaneously saving management costs significantly.

Let’s look at the detailed features in order.

There is no need for dedicated software.

The attraction of Zoom is that it does not require dedicated software.

If you only have a host (sender) account, you can start a meeting with just one click.

The first account registration is straightforward, and if you have one email address, you can answer the videophone on a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Maintenance and management costs are free and cheap.

Zoom can be used free of charge.

If you want to make calls for 40 minutes or more in a row or use some unique functions, you need to register for the paid version, but it is still insufficient for a monthly investment of around ¥ 1400. It can be used conveniently.

It does not depend on the personal computer environment between both sides.

In the videophone software, there are many unexpected causes for the calling environment to be unstable.

If the computer spec is low, it will not be possible to make calls properly, which will waste time, and if you do not need it, you will be stressed, and the conference performance will drop.

Anyway, the operation is light.

Even if the spec of the personal computer is relatively low, if the operation is slow, it makes no sense.

However, Zoom has far less memory and data traffic than other videophone software and does not use an extra CPU.

If the operation is light, the time to start the load is short, and the time to start the conference can be shortened, which is attractive.

Up to 50 participants can be invited.

The number of participants is up to 50 people (And at the time of the free plan!).

This is obvious when comparing other videophone software. You can easily do things like real-time webinars, of course, in a field like a regular online meeting.

The calling environment is stable.

This is also a great strength.

It is also a feature of Zoom that it is possible to participate in the conference with much less communication even if the amount of online communication is far less than other videophone software and even if you are designing a cheap smartphone.

Since low communication charges on a personal computer are a factor that makes it easy to stabilize call quality, it will be possible to contribute to smooth online meetings without interruptions in conversation.

Anyway, there are plenty of good features why Zoom is better.

This is also a feature that is not another video conferencing software.

There are no details if you mention valuable detailed functions such as etc.

All of them are essential for meetings, and once used, you must be thinking, “What video phone software I have used so far …”. Of course, I did so too.

It supports communication other than PC

This is also a big point here.

Although the situation is limited, it is something like Zoom that can flexibly cope with the fixed position.

Because you can participate in conferences and videophones with smartphones and tablets, even with personal computers, it is helpful to hear the flexibility even when you can not use personal computers.

It is almost perfect in the meeting if it registers to the paid version.

So far, we have introduced various Zoom features and functions.

“Everything is free.”

That is the most attractive point.

There is videophone software from Pin to Kiri, and from the beginning, it is a choice that pays attention to. I’m free with the Zoom free version, and I won’t say anything if it’s a one-on-one conversation.

Moving to a paid plan will result in unlimited continuous talk time, encoding of audio and video recorded during the meeting on the web, and so on, too many valuable functions.

I think Zoom is unbeatable regarding webinars, online meetings, and videophones if there is a paid version, so please take advantage of the free version.


About the final version of online conference software, videophone Zoom.

I used to use software that calls were not stable, and I was saying, “I can’t do it,” but I think I was fortunate to tell acquaintances.

Or, I think the degree of recognition is still low, so check from now on! is not it. I would like to see it using the paid version.

Zoom Free Even if you have a meeting anyway or want to make a video phone call at a web conference, you can assert that it is handy software.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a video conferencing platform, Zoom has the highest video resolution, but it is not without limitations. A free account offers high-definition resolution, whereas a paid account offers up to 1080p. The quality of your internet connection also affects the quality of your meeting.
The use of video conferencing for meetings is increasing, but the upfront cost is higher. With video conferencing, users can experience high definition video, crystal clear sound, and more lifelike interaction that mimics face-to-face communication.
In addition to video, audio, and phone calls, Zoom allows users to chat. A supported device and an internet connection are required to use Zoom. For new users, creating an account and downloading the Zoom Client for Meetings is the first step.
HD, or high definition, video is supported by most current and recent webcams. Alternatively, you can confirm that your webcam is HD by running a search on its name. You will need to check the box for Enable HD if you want to use the high resolution of your camera (Figure A).
  1. Make sure you have a good Internet connection.
  2. Check your router if you use WiFi.
  3. When you are not speaking, muffle your microphone.
  4. When you’re not using your webcam, turn it off.
  5. Video from HD webcams should be disabled.