7 Tips on Staying Safe during a Zoom Meeting

Virtual meetings have become the most popular conferencing tools on Zoom platform making it a potential target to malicious hackers. In the past one year, cases involving encryption and encapsulation of Zoom privacy issues have been encountered.

Most organizations are now using Zoom meetings because a good number of employees work from home. But how safe and secure is Zoom? Let us focus on how to secure our accounts and strengthen security. Here are some tips to stay safe during your calls.

1. Use a VPN

How do you ensure confidentiality on Zoom? VPN changes our perception on how we look at our safety online. 1 click VPN uses intelligent servers to handle your information securely without any data breaches. If you have had Zoom data breach issues in the past, you should now understand that VPN is the best app to go for now. Most organizations use VPNs for chrome browser when carrying out their Zoom meetings. There are also other multiple VPN browser extensions which are used on zoom meetings. Generally, this is done to protect data from being exposed to the hackers and avoid web traffic. On the other hand, you can use VeePN to access data from restricted regions when sharing data with your team on Zoom meetings. VPNs also keep your browsing private from any data breaches. Use a VPN installer to get the best VPN to make you more secure.


2. Turn off Allow participants to join before the host.

This method has an option where you can turn off participants to secure your zoom meetings. If you enable the host before the user, the participants gets a chance to join before the host is ready, this makes it insecure because the host is required to handle the meeting. This method initiates the risk of hacking before the meeting starts, before the host joins. To turn this setting off, scroll down to the Schedule Meeting section and the Allow participants to join before host option. Hit the slider button once, so it is grayed out.


3. Passwords protect your meetings.

It is quite important to secure your Zoom meetings with passwords to avoid any intruders in the meeting. Passwords are set for all sessions at individual meetings, user, group, or account levels. To do so, you must sign in to your created account on the zoom website portal. If you want to set up a password at the individual meeting, go to the settings tab and enable it. This setting will give you an option to set your password for all the meetings you are conducting. Therefore, all participants will be required to enter a password to join the meeting. Subscribed accounts will have an option to go into Group management and will require a similar password to join the group.


4. Remove Nuisance Attendees

When a participant is not cooperative or brings distractions in the meeting, you can remove them by clicking the remove participant tab. At the name click more, and click the remove participant tab and the targeted person exits the meeting automatically. Under that, you can remove them permanently for not rejoining by disabling all removed participants to rejoin under the settings on the basic meeting tab.


5. Enable the Lock Meeting Setting.

When the Enable Waiting room feature is enabled, it distracts the admin from concentrating whenever someone new wants to join the meeting. To avoid this issue, the security setting of the Lock Meeting is enabled.


6. Use a randomly-generated ID.

Personal meeting ID should not be used regularly, as it gives ways to pranksters or hackers who will distract the ongoing meeting session. To void such, use a randomly generated ID for meetings when creating a new meeting. It is also not good to share personal IDs to the public.


7. Limit Screen Sharing

Sharing your current screen makes your presentations and other explanations easier when showing your content to other team members. But then, you should limit sharing your content on other peoples screen because it poses many security risks.

In most cases, you may trust all the members involved in your Zoom meeting. But you should consider limiting the screen sharing option because even your closest friends may turn against you.


What are the Do and don’ts in zoom meetings?


  1. Wear the right colors for the Zoom meeting.
  2. Invest in an external microphone to enhance your sound.
  3. Use quality internet connections to avoid lagging behind from other speakers.


  1. Never leave your microphone on when it is not your turn to speak.
  2. Don’t start a Zoom meeting when your laptop has low power.
  3. Do not update your Zoom app immediately before the zoom meeting.

Final word

Many options can be taken to raise your privacy protection when using zoom. Do not publicly share links for the meeting if your information is confidential. Use strong encrypted passwords to secure your account authentication. VeePN is important when sharing your current screen because your content will not be geo restricted. Follow the above information and all shall be well. We hope that what we have listed down was helpful.

Stay safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you stay safe in Zoom?

These are 8 tips that will help you stay safe while using Zoom

  1. Make sure that the meeting is not made public. …

  2. The meeting IDs should be generated randomly. …

  3. Using secure communication, invite links can be shared with others. …

  4. Use the feature that allows you to wait in the waiting room.

  5. The screen sharing should only be controlled by the hosts.

  6. The Internet at home should be secured so that everyone can access it safely. …

  7. Maintain an up-to-date list of security controls for your organization. …

  8. You can choose between different backup platforms.

Do and don’ts on Zoom?

  • What you should and should not do when using Zoom Video Conferencing. …

  • Do not share your screen without being able to control it. …

  • In order to enable joining before the host, make sure that the box ‘Enable join before host’ is not checked. …

  • Do not use the Zoom Meeting ID that you use for your personal meetings. …

  • It is strongly recommended that you do not post the information about the meeting invite anywhere on the web where anyone will be able to find or see it. …

  • On entry, you should mute the participants.

Which is safer teams or Zoom?

How secure are teams compared to individuals? The comparison table above clearly shows that Teams offers a more comprehensive security package in comparison to the other two options as can be seen in the comparison table above. Although Zoom offers password-protected meetings, as well as end-to-end encryption, it does not measure up to the range of features that Microsoft offers throughout its extensive suite of products when it comes to security.

Is sharing your screen on Zoom safe?

If you share your screen with your host or another participant, that person will not be able to access any of the applications or files that you have on your desktop or mobile device. Unless the user selects to control the screen, others in the meeting and the host will only be able to see what the user chooses to share on their screen; other meeting participants and the host will also be able to see what the user chooses to share.

What makes Zoom better than others?

In spite of the fact that Zoom is one of the most powerful video conferencing platforms available on the market today, it also has a few limitations that must be considered. You can get high definition resolutions with free accounts, but if you wish to upgrade to a paid account, you can get up to 1080p resolutions. In addition to the quality of your internet connection, the quality of the meeting is also affected by the quality of the meeting.

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