Zoom Application: Introducing how to work with Microsoft Teams

This article excerpts from the blog ” Zoom application: Introducing Skype for Business, how to work with Microsoft Teams “.

Web conferencing system Zoom works with H.323 compatible video conferencing systems (Polycom, Cisco, Ayaya, Sony, Panasonic) and Slack, a communication tool. It’s such a versatile Zoom, but it can also work with Teams, a Microsoft product.

Before working with Teams

  • Zoom is a paid plan contract over Pro
  • Requires Teams Admin / owner permission

How to work with Teams

  1. Select Teams from the linked list on the Zoom management screen. Enter Teams, Work Domain
  2. Find and install Zoom meeting from Teams App strore
  3. Associate Teams Account, Zoom Account

1 Login to Zoom from a browser and
 click Integration (Integrate in Japanese view) .

2 Scroll down and select Microsoft Teams .

Select Teams Domain, Work Domain

  • Teams Domain : @ and later of the e-mail address used for login to Microsoft.
    In our case, it is nelco because it is @ nelco.com.
  • Work Domain : @ and later of the e-mail address used in the Zoom account.
    In our case, it is nelco because it is @ nelco.com.

3 Start Teams and select the lower left store.

5 Associate the Microsoft and Zoom accounts.

It is now available.

List of commands available on Teams

  1. @Zoom start-Start an instant meeting-uses your Personal Meeting ID if it’s turned on in your Zoom account setting
  2. @Zoom start [topic] – Start an instant meeting with topic
  3. @Zoom join [meeting id] – Join a meeting using meeting ID
  4. @ Zoom connect-Connect to Zoom and use Zoom Meetings in your personal channel
  5. @Zoom sign out-Deauthorize your team

If you enter @Zoom start, the Zoom start button will be displayed.