Zoom Recording format

Zoom Recording format

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Zoom Local Recording and Cloud Recording saves recordings in MP4 (Video), M4A (Audio) and txt (chat) formats.

About recording

  1. Meeting ]> [ Recorded by clicking on the order of], you can open the location of the record on the computer.

If the meeting was recorded without interruption or the recording was stopped, the full video will be saved as shown here.

  1. However, if you select Stop Recording and then select Start Recording again, the recordings will be saved to different segments.
  1. In this folder, ” zoom_0 ” is the recording until the first stop, and ” zoom_1 ” is the recording after the first stop.
  2. When the meeting is over, the data is converted and the recording data is stored in the specified location.

※ Free users are saved in the local area.
※ Paid users can select local or cloud area.

※ When saving to a local area, the save destination is the following folder by default.  your_server  your_personal  my documents zoom  YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS Your name zoom meetingmeeting ID )


tc-naspu-01  your_personall  my documents zoom 2019-02 -15 16.54.13 nana egawa zoom meeting 444699652


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