Good quality audio recording to make transcripts accurate in Zoom Meeting or Webinar

Learn how to record high quality audio and make accurate transcripts.

Before you start recording

  • Required license 
    business license or enterprise licenseand
  • Enable cloud recording that you have to

Cautions when recording 

  • Minimize background noise. 
    Ask the participant to speak clearly to the microphone, and make sure that the
    2 documents
    do not make noise, 3 loud sounds, or speak.
  • Please check the installation location of the microphone. 
    If your meeting has a large number of people sharing the same dial-in
    , place the microphone near the speaking participant.
  • Select an external microphone rather than the built-in microphone for better sound quality. 
    It is good if it is a microphone with a noise cancellation function.

The basic content is, but if you take care of the above, you can use the transcript function effectively.