Best Practices for ZDM iPads (ZRCs) in Zoom App

If you are following the best practices for Zoom Device Management (ZDM), you will be able to simplify the process of setting up and enrolling your Zoom devices.

There are a number of topics covered in this article, including:

  • How to use automated enrollment
  • Automated enrollment recommendations
  • How to use manual enrollment
  • How to add devices to ABM/ASM for enrollment (Optional)

Prerequisites for using iPads with ZDM

  • A license for Zoom Rooms is required
  • The role of an administrator in Zoom Rooms
  • In this role, you will take care of Zoom devices
  • Controller(s) for Zoom Rooms on iOS

How to use automated enrollment

In the case of iPads purchased directly from Apple or through a reseller authorized by Apple.

  1. The process of setting up Apple Business Manager (ABM) or Apple School Manager (ASM) should be completed as soon as possible.
  2. To upload the certificate and token for Apple, click on Device Management and then click on Upload.
  3. Using the ABM/ASM server that you created in the first step, assign eligible devices to the server.
  4. When you are on the ZDM Overview page, click the Refresh button.
  5. In case you are using devices that have already been deployed to the server, you will need to reset all devices you assigned to the server to factory settings. Alternatively, if you already have an account with a mobile device management tool and are looking to switch to another one, you may be able to do this with another one.
  6. Make sure that all of your devices are turned on.
  7. In order to set up the iPad, you must navigate through several screens (language, network, etc.) Once you get to the Remote Management screen, you should be able to configure your iPad.
  8. In order to complete the process, you need to get to the home screen. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes for Zoom Rooms’ controller app to download and launch on your device.
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Automated enrollment recommendations

  1. Make sure you note the serial number of your iPad so you can troubleshoot it effectively.
  2. In order to secure your iPads when they are inside Zoom Rooms, you need to enable ASAM (Autonomous Single App Mode) for all of them.
  3. Change the names of your iPads so that they match the names of the Zoom Rooms. If you want to do this in the easiest way, you can search for the serial number of the device on the Devices page, and then see which room it belongs to based on its serial number. If you rename the device, it will be much easier to assign it to the room after the device has been renamed.
  4. Set up rooms for your iPads so that they can be assigned to them. Rather than using the Rooms tab or the in-room edit page, the easiest way to accomplish this is to go to the Devices tab.
  5. When there is a new version of Zoom Rooms controller app available, you will need to upgrade your app. From the account or location pages, you will be able to upgrade the devices in groups.
  6. There has been an update to the operating system (OS) on the iPad. The Account or Location pages allow you to upgrade this in groups at the same time.

How to use manual enrollment

A non-Apple or non-authorized reseller iPad is one purchased outside of Apple or third party retailers.

  1. The certificate for Apple must be uploaded to Device Management (ZDM) by clicking the ZDM button. Manual enrollment does not require the use of a token.
  2. The iPads should be set to supervised mode if you wish to monitor them.
  3. If you have an iPad, scan the QR code on the ZDM page with its camera by using the iPad’s screen.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation and go to the Settings page. When you have clicked the General tab, then you have clicked Profiles & Device Management, and then you have clicked Install the Profile.
  5. In order to complete the process, you need to install the profile once it has been downloaded. The Zoom Rooms controller app will automatically download to your device and will be available as soon as it is downloaded.
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How to add devices to ABM/ASM for enrollment (Optional)

  1. The process of setting up Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager should be completed once you have downloaded ABM or ASM.
  2. You can download the Apple Configurator 2 by clicking on the link below.
  3. Connect your device to Apple Configurator 2 and click on the Prepare button.
  4. Choose Manual Configuration as the configuration method.
  5. Click on Add to Device Enrollment Program and then scroll down to the Enrollment Phase and select Enroll Now.
  6.  The device will automatically enroll in MDM if you check Activate and complete enrollment, but it will not initially be treated as a DEP-enrolled, or automated enrollment device, even if you check Activate and complete enrollment.
  7. It is recommended to choose New Server if you have never created a server before, otherwise you should choose a server and click the next button.
    • Assuming you have created a new server, give the enrollment a name and copy below the QR code for Apple – Manual Enrollment the url for the group enrollment account in ZDM.
    •  It may appear an error message saying that “Unable to verify the server’s enrollment URL.” If this is the case, click Next to continue.
    • Click on the Next button once you have viewed the certificates.
  8. Whenever you create a new organization, the option to Create a New Organization will appear. If you have already made an organization, click Choose an Organization and click Next.
    • The credentials from ABM/ASM need to be entered when you create a new organization.
    • The supervisor identity needs to be generated in a new way.
  9. Click on the options you would like to show in the setup screens and then click on the Next button.
  10. By choosing Network Profile, you will be able to proceed further in the process. (Optional)
  11. The Automated Enrollment Credentials do not require any credentials in order to work. Prepare the document by clicking on the Prepare button.
  12. To prepare your device for use, click on Erase to start the process. There will be a reboot of your device and a connection to the network will be established.
  13. You will need to click Next on the Remote Configuration Screen in order to complete the process.
  14. Once the device is rebooted, there will be a black screen that displays the message “Resetting iPad” followed by a white screen.
  15. For the setup process to be completed, you need to complete the screens on the setup screen. Within a few minutes of your device being powered on, the Zoom Rooms controller app will be downloaded and automatically launched on your device.