How to start a zoom webinar (from preparation to the day)

<Preparation-by the day>

1. Meeting ID & URL issued

Meeting ID issued from Zoom web page

※ Please refer to the operation manual of Zoom briefing session .


2. Please check the following options in the meeting options.

・Set [ Enable / Disable ] of the host’s previous participation

  •   The participants at the time of entry muteto
  •  Set the meeting to [ automatically record / not record].

Register participants .

Set PW .


3. Contact the participant with the Meeting ID and URL

———————- The day ——————-


4. PC setting

  1. Log in to the Zoom app locally
  2. Select a PowerPoint from the screen sharing button on the Zoom app

※ Please refer to Zoom operation data P. 35


Here are examples of PC, projector, microphone and speaker setup.


Attention to presenter

Powerpoint’s “Speaker function (next slide and presentation elapsed time only displayed on PC 1)” may become unusable. This is because Zoom shares the PC screen at hand, so the screen of the speaker function is delivered to the Zoom side, not the screen projected on the screen.


Set up 5 hosts

Start the meeting and set Host / Joint Host .

※ When multiple people manage as host, set joint host.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have to sign in to Zoom’s desktop client. Click on the Meetings tab. Find and click the webinar you would like to attend. Click the Start button.
Recurring webinars can have a maximum of 50 set occurrences, but invitees cannot register in advance.
There are no restrictions on starting the practice session, broadcasting the video, and ending the event a few hours or even a few days before the scheduled event date, and it won’t have an impact on whether you take part in the webinar on the scheduled date and time.
There is no problem with reusing Zoom Meeting Links. The link for the immediate meeting will expire once the meeting is over.
It is the intention of the meeting to be a collaborative event, where all participants have the ability to share screens, turn on their video and audio, and see who else is present at the meeting. During a webinar, the host will have the ability to share their video, audio, and screen with the designated panelists. The host will also have the ability to unmute the attendees as well.
Waiting Room is not supported by webinars. You can do a webinar practice session instead. Waiting Rooms are disabled by default for instant meetings and Zoom Phone calls that have been elevated to meetings. Your in-meeting controls allow you to enable Waiting Room only for these meetings.
Each meeting in Zoom uses the same meeting ID and settings, so you can schedule multiple meetings with the same ID.

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