How to start a zoom webinar (from preparation to the day)

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

<Preparation-by the day>

1Meeting ID & URL issued

MeetingID issued from Zoom web page

※  Please refer to the operation manual of Zoom briefing session .

2 Please check the following options in the meeting options.

・Set [ Enable / Disable ] of the host’s previous participation

  •   The participants at the time of entry muteto
  •  Set the meeting to [ automatically record / not record].

Register participants .

Set PW .

3 Contact the participant with the Meeting ID and URL

———————- The day ——————-

4PC setting

1. Log in to the Zoom app locally

  1. Select a PowerPoint from the screen sharing button on the Zoom app

※   Please refer to Zoom operation data P. 35


Here are examples of PC, projector, microphone and speaker setup.

Attention to presenter

Powerpoint’s “Speaker function (next slide and presentation elapsed time only displayed on PC 1)” may become unusable. This is because Zoom shares the PC screen at hand, so the screen of the speaker function is delivered to the Zoom side, not the screen projected on the screen.

Set up 5 hosts

Start the meeting and set Host / Joint Host .

※ When multiple people manage as host, set joint host.


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