Role of the Zoom webinar

With a webinar

Role to use in the webinar

There are multiple roles available in the webinar.

  • A user who has scheduledhost webinar. Each role in the webinar is specified by the host.
    The host has full control over the webinars, panelists and participants.
    Only one person can be a webinar host. See Host Controls In A Webinar for more
    information on host control in webinars .
  • Co-host
    Co-host is the user specified during the webinar.
    This role can be specified once the webinar has been started.
    Co-hosts have full control over the participants, but can not vote, start a live stream, or end the webinar. See Co-Host Controls In A Webinar for more
    information on webinar co-host control .
  • Panelists
    Panelists are participants who can interact interactively with the webinar.
    The webinar will have 100 panelists (including the host).
    Panelists can view and send videos, screen sharing, annotations, and more.
    Panelists receive email invitations directly, directly from the webinar audience. See Panelist Controls In A Webinar for more information
    on webinar panelists controls .
  • Viewers Viewers are
    view-only participants but can be unmuted by the host .
    The viewer’s webinar view is managed by the host.
    Viewers can interact with hosts and panelists using Q & A and chat. See Joining A Webinar (Attendee) for information on
    joining the webinar as a viewer .

Permission comparison

Participation in the webinar

host Co-host Panelist participant
Participation in the practice mode ✕ * * Moth
Start broadcast Moth Moth
Mute / unmute yourself Moth
Start / stop video ✓ * Moth
View Participant List Moth
Screen sharing Moth
chat  ✓ *
Save chat Moth
Question in Q & A Moth Moth Moth
Display all questions and answers Moth
Start voting Moth Moth
Answer to the questionnaire Moth Moth ✓ *
Start subtitle Moth Moth Moth
Enter subtitles ✓ * ✓ * Moth
Webinar Invitations Moth
Raising hand Moth Moth
End of the webinar Moth Moth Moth
See also  Personal meeting ID (PMI) and personal link in Zoom App

* Function, free by the host can be in effect.

* * Joint hosts can not be pre-assigned. If you wish to designate as co-host, please invite to the webinar as a panelist and promote to co-host.

Participant management

host Co-host Panelist participant
Mute / unmute other participants Moth Moth
Stop the panelist video Moth Moth
Ask panelists to launch a video Moth Moth
Video spotlight Moth Moth
Promote participants to panelists Moth Moth
Demotion from panelist to participant Moth Moth
Change Participant View Moth Moth
Change chattable participants Moth Moth
Remove participants Moth Moth
Allow participants to speak Moth Moth
Specify joint host permissions Moth Moth Moth
Panelist hold Moth Moth Moth

Recording / recording

host Co-host Panelist participant
Cloud record Moth Moth
Recorded locally (computer) ✓ * Moth

* Features can be disabled by the host .

Live streaming

host Co-host Panelist participant
Facebook live streaming Moth Moth Moth
Live Streaming in the Workplace Moth Moth Moth
YouTube live streaming Moth Moth Moth
Custom live streaming service Moth Moth  Moth


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Frequently Asked Questions

Meetings can be run by a host, co-host, alternative host, or participant. During a meeting, the host determines your role. Using Zoom Meetings: setting it up, learning it, and using it.
Ensure that you are logged in as the owner of the Zoom account.To access Roles, click User Management in the navigation menu.Add a role by clicking on it.Click Add, then enter the role’s name and description.
Screen share, audio, and video are all available for participants during meetings, which are designed to allow collaboration. As part of a webinar, the host, any designated panelists, and anyone watching the webinar will have access to the speaker’s video, audio, and screen. Attendees can also be unmuted by the host.
The maximum number of panelists you can add depends on the capacity of your meeting. The panelists can be deleted and added at any time before the webinar.
As a view-only platform, online webinars do not allow attendees to see each other or the host to see the attendees, but the host can manage them. In a webinar, attendees can register, receive reports, and chat in-meeting. There is no limit to the number of attendees.

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