How to report suspected fraud on your account in Zoom App

You can contact Zoom’s Trust & Safety team if you are seeing unrecognized charges on your account or notice services you aren’t signing up for, or if you believe there is any other suspicious activity on your account. During every review of every request, Zoom’s Trust & Safety team detects any fraudulent activity and takes action when it is discovered.

Note : 

Discover how to report your compromised account if your account has been hacked. The following article contains instructions on how to update the email address associated with your account if you need to change it.

How to report fraud or fraudulent charges on a Zoom account

  1. Request trust and safety by completing the form.
  2. You will need your email address and name.
  3. Then, select What can we do for you? Then,,Then,,Then,, click on Report Fraud or Fraudulent Charges in your account.
  4. Ensure you are logged in to your Zoom account.
  5. The email address associated with your Zoom account should be entered if you selected Yes in the previous step.
  6. You will need to confirm if the charges are fraudulent.
  7. In the previous step, if you selected Yes, you must complete the payment information fields in addition to the required fields. This process must be repeated as necessary.
  8. Describe the situation with your account and give us your Zoom account number.
  9. Please include any documents you want us to see.
  10. Click Send Code after entering your email address.
    We will send you a verification code.
  11. Type the code into the box provided.
  12. The Trust & Safety department will receive your request when you click Submit.
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Learn about Zoom’s Safety and Trust team’s efforts to keep the platform a safe place for organization and collaboration.