Meeting connector core concepts in Zoom

Zoom offers a hybrid cloud service or a public cloud service. When you use the hybrid cloud service, you deploy the Zoom Meeting Connector, which is a meeting communication server that’s deployed on your company’s internal network. Having done so, the metadata of the meetings as well as the users are taken care of in the public cloud while the actual meetings are in your private cloud. There is an on-premise Zoom Meeting Connector that carries all meeting traffic, including video, voice, and data sharing.

Note: As far as on-premise meetings are concerned, Zoom Web client is not supported.

This product is packaged as a virtual machine (OVF) that can be deployed on any virtualization platform and can be used as a meeting controller.

Prerequisites for the Zoom Meeting Connector

  • If you have an account with a business, enterprise, or educational organization

VM types and processes

In the Zoom Meeting Connector, there are two types of virtual machines:

  • The Zone Controller Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Consists of a Multimedia Router Virtual Machine

There are two server processes running in the Controller VM:

  • ZC, or Zone Controller, stands for
  • What is known as Multimedia Router, or MMR
It is important to note that there is only one server process in the MMR VM:
  • MMR is an acronym for Multimedia Router


It is simplest to deploy a Meeting Connector with just one Controller virtual machine.

You can deploy another Controller VM to increase high-availability.

  • This means that it is possible for Controller 1 not to function if the ZC process is down, the ZC process in Controller 2 will take over automatically.
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It is capable of supporting up to 200 participants at the same time in concurrent sessions in a MMR process. Taking that into consideration, if you deploy one Controller VM, you can deploy up to 200 participants concurrently, and you can host up 100 meetings concurrently. It is possible to increase your capacity to 400 participants and 200 meetings if you add another Controller VM for High Availability.

It is also possible to deploy additional MMR virtual machines and connect them to the Controller virtual machine, thus increasing the capacity of the participants.

  • Up to 200 MMR virtual machines can be deployed in one Controller VM.

Networking schema

According to the Meeting Connector, the following services are available on the public cloud:

  • Service for delivering notification of meeting invitations via mobile devices and PCs
  • Web applications that provide information about users and meetings, such as login details and meeting schedules
  • A cloud controller for synchronizing meeting information

Note: On the VMs, SSL is enabled by default. This means that all network communications will be encrypted using SSL.

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