9-month release window in Zoom

Note :  All users and accounts for Zoom will be delaying the implementation of the 9-month release window requirement until after Christmas. In addition, we plan to share more information about the policy when the implementation date approaches, and will do so as soon as possible.

The customers of Zoom, if they decide to comply with enforcement, will have to ensure that their software is no more than nine months behind the current version of the software at any given time when implementation begins. After that point, any users whose software does not fall within the nine-month window will be prompted to update their software. When you try to access Zoom services using a version released before January 2021, customers with a version earlier than January 2021 will be prompted to upgrade.

It is designed to keep Zoom users current with the latest platform enhancements and industry practices as well as help keep them safe and secure.

Please remember to regularly download and update the Zoom software to enjoy all our newest security and functionality features by checking the Zoom client for updates or visiting zoom.us/download. There may be some bugs and vulnerabilities in older versions of Zoom that have been resolved in more recent versions.

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The following products will be affected by this policy:

  • Zoom Client: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Intune and Blackberry
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Zoom Phone Appliances
  • Outlook Plug-in
  • Browser Scheduler Extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • VDI Client
  • Virtual Room Connector
  • Meetings Connector
  • Recording Connector
  • Meeting SDK
Note : Zoom Room Controllers and Scheduling Displays, which run Zoom Room Controller software, will not be subject to the 9-month release window at this time. A future update, however, is not ruled out.

Despite a minimum Zoom Client software version requirement, we may need to provide additional updates out-of-band to address additional compliance and security issues. If there are any security enhancements included in our release notes, we always encourage customers to refer to them.

Frequently asked questions


Why is Zoom no longer introducing the 9-month policy?


Our decision to delay the implementation of the 9-month release window requirement for customers has been made in response to feedback gathered from customers and other factors. As a result, we hope that it will be introduced at a later date.

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Will we be notified when you reintroduce the policy?


If you’re ready to implement the policy, we will notify you at the beginning so that you can update your teams as soon as possible.


Why is Zoom moving to a 9-month release window?

It is important that a customer is always using the latest version of any software that they are using in order to ensure that any updates, enhancements, or bug fixes they run into are made. It is understandable that some organizations may not be able to update all employees and may require additional time to review software. We have therefore decided to require our customers to update their software that is more than nine months old by the end of August.

Zoom Phone, CRC, etc., are included in this new release window or only the Zoom Client?

Essentially, this will affect the Zoom Client for Meetings (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Intune), Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone Appliances, Outlook Plug-in, Browser Scheduler Extensions, Virtual Desktop Interpreter, Meetings Connector, Recording Connector, Meeting SDK, and the Zoom Room, Meeting Connector, and Meeting SDK.


Which Zoom Room Devices will be required to be updated?

The Zoom Rooms software will need to be updated on all Mac, Windows, and Android devices. For the time being, Zoom Room controllers and Scheduling Displays will not be enforced. If Zoom deems that an update is required in the future, they will do so.


I am still working remotely and do not have access to my Zoom Rooms in the office. How can I update my Zoom Room?

A Zoom web portal allows administrators to remotely update Zoom Room software.


Would users be able to use Zoom Chat in the client if they haven’t updated the client version?

They will be only be blocked from joining meetings if they already have a Zoom account signed in, and can still use the Zoom Chat as usual. The only thing is that if they do not have a signed in account yet, they will be unable to sign in until they update their client and will not be able to use any Zoom functionality.


Are VDI Plugins required to be updated with the VDI Meeting Client as well?

There is no need to update the VDI plugin at this time. If Zoom requires an update in the future, it reserves the right to do so. Current client releases are compatible with older plugins. This can lead to a variation of versions between the plugin and the desktop client. The deadline for updating plugins is November 1st, but customers are not required to update plugins by that date. Zoom may require updates at a later date. Audio and video offload is supported by older plugin versions but not by later plugin versions.

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What happens when customers are approaching the end of the release window and do not update in time?

If a customer falls behind the 9-month period for signing into on-demand meetings or webinars, they will be prompted to update the Zoom meeting client to the most current version before they will be allowed to sign in or join a meeting. There is an option provided to the user if they cannot immediately update, to join a meeting through the web client instead, in the case they cannot immediately update. There will only be a notification sent to users if the Zoom client has passed the upgrade window. It will be the administrator’s responsibility to apply the updates if prompts are disabled at the device level. When the Zoom Room Scheduler, the Zoom Scheduler extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or other products are removed from the site, the scheduling function will be disabled and the user will be alerted by a message. In the event that a product is running a version outside the nine month window of support, Zoom will not provide support for its users


How often will there be new releases?

There are multiple versions of Zoom being released within the 9-month window, primarily due to Zoom’s regular release cadences. Due to these regular release cadences, many versions will be released within the nine-month period. Please refer to our release notes to learn more about the past releases.


How can customers see which versions their users are running?

By filtering by client type on the dashboard or within the user management portal, you are able to view which version(s) users in the account are using through the login page. The desktop client and mobile application provides direct access to the version options for the individual user.


Do customers have the ability to choose which version they would like to be on?

The Zoom client and our website are the only sources of getting access to the latest version of Zoom.


Am I secure if I’m not on the latest version of Zoom?

We are committed to protecting our customers from external threats and to improving the security of our products and services. In order to protect our customers we recommend using the Zoom software that is compatible with the latest security updates. We recommend that customers visit our website to see if there are any updates and to update it if necessary. The release notes provide details on any security enhancements included in the release. Customer should always look at these notes for any changes. For more details about the issues fixed in our Security Bulletins, customers can also check our Support sections.

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What happens if a major vulnerability is detected and fixed? Will Zoom deploy additional updates and/or make forced updates?

It is possible that Zoom will force or prompt a customer to update to a new version of the Zoom client, in the event of an urgent security or other matter. This will ensure customers are getting the latest version that is the most secure version. For the sake of customer security, Zoom reserves the right to release or push forceful updates that are delivered off-schedule or whenever staff can.

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