Set up Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) with Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on June 21st, 2021

For H.323 or SIP connected to Zoom meetings with CUCM, it is recommended to configure SIP profile and SIP trunk in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM or CallManager). This setting enables dual stream of content and optimizes the quality of the meeting.

SIP Trunk Security Profile Configuration

  • From Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration , navigate to System > Security > SIP Trunk Security Profile .
  •  Click Add New.

  • Configure the SIP trunk security profile.

  • NameZoom SIP TrunkDescriptionZoom SIP TrunkDevice Security ModeNone SecureIncoming Transport TypeTCP + UDPOutgoing Transport TypeTCPIncoming Port5060Accept unsolicited notificationPut a checkAccept replaces headerPut a check
  • Click Save.

Configure SIP Profile

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager in the management page of,
    Device ]> [ Device Settings ]> [ SIP Profile Go to].


  • Click Standard SIP Profile for Cisco VCS.


  • Click [ Copy] .


  • Change the name to Zoom SIP Profile.


  • Select [  Best Effort ] under [ Early Offer support for voice and video calls ].

  • Under [ SDP Information ], check the following items. 
    [ Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP ] [ Allow iX Application Media ] [ Allow multiple codecs in answer SDP ]

Create a SIP Trunk in VCS

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager in the management page of,
    Device ]> [ Trunk Go to].

  • Enter [ Device Information ] and [ Device Pool ] based on your needs and settings .

  • Under [ SIP Information ], add VCS control or VCS Expressway C IP address and port.

  • In [ SIP Trunk Security Profile ], enter Zoom SIP Trunk, which is the name you entered in Step 3 of the above SIP Trunk Security Profile Settings  .
  • In [SIP Profile], SIP step 4 to set up a profile  , which is the name that you entered in the Zoom SIP Profile Enter.
  • Save and reset the trunk .

Confirm neighbor zone, CUCM detailed setting

  • In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration , navigate to
    Configuration> Zones> Zones .


  • Click [ CUCM Neighbor Zone ].
  • ICE Support ] is [ On Make sure that it is set in.

  • Zone Profile [a] Custom and change it to.
  • Call Signaling Routed Mode ] is [ Always make sure that it is set in.

For more information on this article, see Setting Up Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) with Zoom .


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