Using Zoom Rooms check-in / check-out features

Check-ins and check-outs help you make the most of your rooms at Zoom Rooms. The Zoom meeting must be started or the room reservation must be checked in when this option is enabled. It is possible for the room to be released from the scheduled meeting after a configurable number of minutes after the scheduled start time if there is no check-in within that timeframe, and the room will be made available for use by others. The activities done in Zoom Rooms such as the creation of a scheduled meeting, the creation of an instant meeting, the creation of a phone call, and the creation of a screen share act as checks-in and do not require an additional check-in.

During the course of the meeting, you may decide to check out of the meeting in order to shorten the  webinar page. Here you will see a list of scheduled meeting, and also make it available to others again in case the meeting ends earlier than expected.

This article covers:

  • How to enable room check-in and check-out
  • How to use room check-in
    • Room controller
    • Scheduling display
  • How to use room check-out

Prerequisites for using check-in and check-out

  • License for Zoom Rooms
  • Versions 5.0.5 and higher of Zoom Rooms
  • Versions 5.0.5 and higher of the Zoom Rooms controller

How to enable room check-in and check-out

In addition, recurring meetings can be automatically removed from the Zoom Room when they are not checked in after a certain number of missed meetings.

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Then click Zoom Rooms under Room Management.
  3. Different rooms or locations can be enabled using the location hierarchy. By clicking Account Settings, you can enable all settings for your account.
  4. The Room Check-In/Check-Out toggle can be found in the Setup section.
  5. The following settings can be changed (optionally):
    • Set the time before and after the meeting start time when users can check in and release meetings. Numbers can be selected from the dropdown menu or manually entered.
    • The Zoom Rooms display will notify in-meeting participants when users check into the meeting when it is time for the next scheduled meeting if the Notify in-room participants option is selected.
    • When the specified number of missed check-ins is reached, recurring meetings in Zoom Rooms will automatically be removed.
  6. If any changes need to be made, click Save.
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How to use room check-in

You can check in to the Zoom Room by starting a scheduled meeting, instant meeting, screen sharing meeting, or by calling out from the Zoom Room. The controller or the scheduling display can also be used to check in as an alternative.

There will be a cancellation and removal of the meeting from the schedule of a meeting if you do not start or check in within the configured time frame.

Room controller

To confirm that you are in the room, tap the Check In button on the controller. As a result, the calendar controller will display Start instead of Check In when a Zoom meeting is scheduled.

Scheduling display

In order to join the Zoom meeting, tap Check In.

How to use room check-out

The Check Out option on the controller makes the room available for others when your meeting finishes early and you wish to make the room available to others.