VPN Split Tunneling Recommendations in Zoom app

There is a need for Virtual Private Network (VPN) services that will provide users working from remote locations with the ability to access data securely.

It seems one of the biggest challenges we are experiencing with Zoom customers is related to our media services not being able to split tunnels over UDP-8801-8810. Due to the lack of allowing split tunneling for UDP 8801-8810 and TCP 443, customers are experiencing substantial additional load on their corporate internet connections as the Zoom traffic will have to enter the corporate network, only to then exit again to the Zoom cloud for the purpose of terminating their live meetings.  The majority of VPN concentrators are placed under a tremendous amount of workload and in many cases, this results in overloading and congestion of the VPN infrastructure.


Zoom recommends the following steps to optimize the traffic flow when using VPN services: To enable Split Tunneling, simply select:

  • Allow UDP 8801-8810
  • Allow TCP 443
  • Destination to Zoom specific IP ranges and/or *.zoom.us.

In this manner, your users will be able to access corporate data/assets more efficiently, and have quality Zoom meetings that do not impact your company’s network, VPN, and any other data center infrastructure you have in place.