Zoom Group Message Benefits (vs Google or Facebook Chat)


So far Zoom has supported Google chat and Facebook IM chat,

Switch to Zoom group messaging.

We will stop supporting Google IM and Facebook chat from April 30, 2015. This was determined by Google Talk and Google’s decision to abolish the XMPP chat protocol used by the Google Talk and Facebook chat platforms. You can still log in to Zoom using Google and Facebook credentials. You can also use more features of Zoom Group Messaging.

Zoom Group Messaging can provide a better chat experience with unlimited groups, file transfer, push-to-talk, one-click screen sharing, or video chat on mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops, and Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Group Messaging-Benefits:

 Google or 
Facebook chat
 Zoom Group 
 One-on-one chat  Yes  Yes
 Group chat  None  Yes
 Desktop and Mobile Group Synchronization  None  Yes
 Push talk  None  Yes
Instant group screen sharing or video meeting  None  Yes

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