Send GIF with GIPHY in Zoom App during Chat

You can search GIF and send GIF using GIPHY with a Zoom chat window open.

See: Account owner or administrator, [ IM Settings ] from [animated GIF image] allows you to enable or disable.


How to send GIF

  • Opens a chat window.
  • Click the smiley icon () at the bottom right of the chat window.
  • Click [GIF] .
  • Enter the word to search for. Up to eight GIFs will be displayed.
  1. Click and send the GIF image you want to send.
  2. When you send a GIF, several options appear.


  • Collapse (Hide): Click the ▼ mark above the GIF image to hide the GIF.


  • Click […] to the right of the GIF to display the following options:


  1. Copy: Copy  GIF to the clipboard.
  2. Delete: Delete the GIF of everyone in the chat.
  3. Add to Emoji: Add Emoji to your favorite Emoji list.

For more information on this article, see Send GIFs via GIPHY.



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