Active Apps Notifier in Zoom App

Active Apps Notifier

It is a great idea to increase transparency over how data you provide in a meeting is being shared by using the Active Apps Notifier. The Active Apps Notifier informs the meeting participant whenever the host or another participant is using an app that then accesses meeting materials such as video, audio, chat, or meeting files during a meeting. Live streaming and transcript services are examples of these types of apps. Despite the fact that account owners and participants can share video files and presentations at any time during a meeting or webinar, the Active Apps Notifier is a fantastic way of notifying people about the apps that other participants are using during that particular meeting or webinar.

An individual may be using a transcription app which obtains real-time audio feeds from the meeting and then transcribes the content of the meeting using the transcription app. Those communicating with the participant can see which user is using the app, notice that the app is accessing audio, and click on the app to get more information about it and its creator.


  • For Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: version 5.7.3 or higher
    • macOS: version 5.7.3 or higher
    • Linux: version 5.7.3 or higher
  • For Zoom mobile app
    • Android: version 5.7.3 or higher
    • iOS: version 5.7.3 or higher
  • For Zoom web client
  • Zoom Rooms for Conference Room
    • PC: version 5.7.3 or higher
    • macOS: version 5.7.3 or higher

How to use the Active Apps Notifier

During a meeting or webinar, you will notice that in the top-left corner of the meeting window there will be an Active Apps Notifier visible if a third-party app, integration, or service is going to access meeting or webinar content.

  1. By enabling the Active Apps Notifier icon, it is possible to get a general overview of which 3rd-party services are currently accessing content during your meeting or webinar, or to see what types of content the apps have access to, or which participants have authorized the use of that app and which have not.
  2. For more information about any of the apps listed, please click on the respective app in the Marketplace to open the page for that integration.

Frequently asked questions

What apps can I use in Zoom meetings?

Our Zoom App Marketplace provides access to a variety of apps for meetings and webinars hosted on your account, which will give you access to additional features and tools. For Zoom accounts that have multiple users, the account owner and admins have the option of controlling what apps other users are allowed to access by requiring pre-approval for any apps they wish to use.

How does the Active Apps Notifier work?

The Active Apps Notifier icon appears, along with a tooltip, in the meeting window when an app from the Marketplace interacts with meeting content, such as video, audio, chat, and/or meeting files. If the user hovers over the icon, a list will appear that shows them a list of apps that are accessing the meeting or webinar. It will also show them which apps in that meeting or webinar have access to the content, and which users are using that app. Clicking on the names of the apps in the list will give users access to information about the app and its developer.

In the same window where your meeting or webinar will be taking place, a notification icon for Active Apps Notifier will appear in the upper left corner, next to the icon for encryption.

How do I turn off the Active Apps Notifier?

At any one time during the meeting, the Active Apps Notifier continues to display apps that are actively accessing content during the meeting, so users can see at any point whether content is being accessed by any apps. Zoom provides these notices in order to provide you with more information that will enable you to make the best decision in using Zoom.

Can I view all active apps used by my account?

It is true that the Active Apps Notifier Report gives account owners and administrators the ability to review, filter, locate, and edit the apps that have been accessing account users’ meeting content in the past 30 days. Through this information, they are able to make an informed decision about whether they want to continue approving use of these apps for the coming meetings and webinars. Administrators can view the Marketplace page of each active app for more details about it, as well as disable it if need be, through this report.

What does it mean for account owners and users to share data with apps?

In order for many apps to function properly, access to certain meeting content is required. The host of a meeting might feel the need to use a transcription app to record the meeting in order to share it with colleagues who are unable to attend. A similar scenario also exists in this case, in which a user (here, the host of the meeting) lets the application access the data (here, audio content from the meeting) needed for the app to work.

The Active Apps Notifier refers to an “account owner.” What does that mean? Who is the account owner?

It is normally the user who sets up a Zoom account that is the owner of that account and in many cases it is that person who has the most access and control to the account. After the account has been created, this role can be reassigned to another user, and this user can either actively host meetings and webinars on their account, or they can manage the settings of their account without hosting meetings as well. In the Account Profile section, you will be able to find the account owner.

What will these apps do with the information they collect?

There is no centralized oversight of the terms of service, privacy policies, and support information for each host and third-party app. It is not Zoom’s responsibility to determine how hosts or apps share content, so we encourage our users to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies detailed on the Marketplace page for any app prior to installing it.

Can I opt out of sharing my content with these apps?

These notices have been provided by Zoom in order to assist you with your decision regarding how you use Zoom. Meeting apps, which provide access to meeting content and can therefore change meeting settings, for example, muting your microphone, turning off video, not sending chats, or even leaving the meeting altogether.

Does the Active Apps Notifier alert other meeting participants when I’m using apps outside of Zoom, such as a web browser, during a meeting?

It is not applicable to all applications on the Zoom App Marketplace that are a part of your meeting. The Active Apps Notifier only applies to applications on the Zoom platform. During the meeting, it will only notify participants if apps are accessing meeting content during the meeting, such as video, audio, and/or chat. It is important to note that participants of meetings are not notified of activity outside of Zoom via the Active Apps Notifier.